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Monday, January 7, 2019

Good Monday afternoon (evening?)! How was your weekend? 

Ours was a good one. We celebrated my older brother's upcoming birthday with a little dinner and cake on Saturday and on Sunday we tackled taking down Christmas. I almost put it off another weekend, but the mood struck so we decided to just go with it. As sad as I was (I am all in favor of twinkle lights year-round), I have to admit our house feels about 25% bigger. Also, am I the only one who can't remember how I decorated pre-Christmas decor? I couldn't figure out how I had things, ha! 

On Friday night I did a quick run to Old Navy and Barnes & Noble after the girls were in bed. Old Navy's sales are unreal right now. I scored these four (yes, four) pairs of shoes for $25 TOTAL. I had been looking for black sneakers for a while but not wanting to spend a lot on them, and these rang out at $10. The flats were $7, and each of the slip-on pairs for C were about $4.50 a pair, and I feel like they will transition well to spring. It might be worth a trip, friends!

I also picked up a new book using a gift card I got for Christmas (thanks momma), The Wife Between Us. I'd heard a lot of buzz about this book and I was craving a thriller/mystery that would suck me in, which it did. I'd say they took a bit too long to get to the twists and the character development could have been a little better, but all in all I enjoyed it and devoured it within 48 hours -- so if you're looking for some solid entertainment, check it out.

Speaking of entertainment, are you going to tune into the new Bachelor tonight? It's one of those shows that I just can't quit. I love that it's something to look forward to zoning out to on cold, wintery Monday nights. If you're watching, we'll have to discuss!

What's on the menu this week at your place? Here's ours:

Monday - Rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes & corn/brussel sprouts

Tuesday - Fish sticks, rosemary french fries & leftover veggies

Wednesday - Spaghetti with homemade meat sauce & salad 

Thursday - Chicken stir fry with rice & broccoli 

Friday - Leftovers

Saturday - Out

Hope your week is off to a great start. xo


  1. YES to the Bachelor...haha. I can't quit it either ;) I really like Hannah, who got the first impression rose!! We did spaghetti last week and then used a rotisserie chicken to shred and make enchiladas (Jojo's recipe from Magnolia Table cookbook) It was so good! Tonight I'm baking chicken with a glaze and then stir frying veggies to mix with quinoa. As you know, cooking isn't my favorite, but I'm trying!! ;)

    1. I agree, I think she's my favorite so far! That sounds delicious -- we actually have leftover rotisserie chicken right now. Yum! I was never a big cook but within the last year or so I really discovered a love for it. It's fun to find new parts of yourself (or maybe I'm just getting old, haha!). ;)

  2. I have already eaten dinner but I am now starving having read your menu for this week! How do you cook the rosemary French Fries, I'd love to give that a go. I am the same as you re the great decoration removal - weird gaps everywhere and I am desp in need of some décor inspiration to fill the gaps til Spring. I feel kind of over red too, which makes it difficult. Love your beige strappy flats - do you buy the shoes and style around them or have the outfit first then look for the shoes?

    1. Well, the rosemary fries are a total cheat -- from a bag! ;) But I think making them fresh cut with some spices would be sooo good and not too difficult! The weird gaps are abundant here, too! I've added a couple of Valentine's touches which kind of helps, but not completely. I bought the shoes knowing I could style some outfits around them! I figured they'd be great for those occasions where I need to look a LITTLE nicer than usual (haha!) but still need to chase the girls around.

  3. I feel like I felt the same way about the Wife Between Us. It was good, but it took a bit to get to the twists. You scored big time at the Old Navy sale. Love the shoes you chose!

    1. Completely agree! It definitely kept me interested but it took too long to get there, and once you did, it was kind of predictable I thought. But still an enjoyable read. Thanks! Old Navy just seriously kills the game recently. Can't beat it!


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