Happy Holidays From Our Family to Yours

Saturday, December 21, 2019

As the countdown to Christmas becomes less than a hand, I want to wish each of you the warmest, happiest, and most magical holiday season, whatever and however you celebrate. 

I will be taking some time away (as if I haven't been away from this space enough already these past few months!) to spend this special time with my little family. My girls are still so small and the magic is still so real; I don't want to miss one ordinary moment. There will be some cookie making (pre-packaged, but we'll throw on our own icing and sprinkles), holiday card delivering (nothing like last minute!), train riding, and gift wrapping. 

Even in the midst of what can feel like total madness, may I never forget the reflection of the tree lights in their big eyes and the unconfined excitement in their small bodies. 

May I soak up the last firsts -- this last first Christmas we'll ever have. Sweet Isabelle won't remember it, but I won't forget the warm, soft weight of her littleness that I can still so easily hold (and dress). She's tiny, but she watches us all with wide eyes (I don't blame her, this family can be pretty amusing!).

This year, the last piece of my biggest and most precious dream fell into perfect place and I will never stop being grateful for this group of people I get to walk through life with. 

I am holding in my heart those who are hurting this holiday season, who are grieving and missing loved ones. My family has had difficult, heavy holidays in years past and it can be so painful when the world around you is moving on, "merry and bright" while you are hurting so much. I hope those who are going through hard times know that they aren't forgotten in the hustle and bustle, and that they are wished peace.

Happy holidays, sweet friends!

Friday Favorites: Holiday Moments

Friday, December 13, 2019

Happy Friday, all! Where the heck is this month going? Things have been quiet on the blog but anything but quiet in real life. I'm sure it's the same in your world. December is such a busy time, especially with kids!

I hope you've been truly enjoying your season, though, in between the big stuff on the calendar. The singalongs, brunches, spirit days, parties, cookie exchanges, work events and more are all fun, but I've always found my absolute favorite memories are made during the "in between" -- impromptu dance parties to Jingle Bell Rock, sharing chocolates from my $1 advent calendar (the chocolate tastes like plastic but I will never not have my cheap advent calendar!), pointing out all of the twinkling lights on the drive home from the store.

Do you find that, too?

Anyway, I wanted to just stop in and do a simple catch up on all of the holiday-related life things. Here's a little of what we've been up to!

Decking the Halls

We've added our sparkly touches to the outside and inside of the house (with help from a particularly cute, old Golden girl, as evidenced by the photo above). The "yay, you made it!" door mat is my favorite decor purchase of the season by far. Still available here for just $12.74 today! Just love the welcoming, casual vibe.

The girls each decorated their little trees for their rooms this year. The trees are older Target purchases and the ornaments are a mix between a few new ones they've collected over the past few years and some from when I was a kid. Kind of fun to pass them along to my own kids!

School Activities

Along with elementary school comes a whole new event/spirit day calendar. This year I've had the chance to volunteer at C's school shop (so fun), watch her sing her heart out in a holiday singalong, and get her ready in her most festive pajamas for pajama/gingerbread house day at school. Hadley has her school singalong next week, and I can't wait! 

Matching Christmas Pajamas

Speaking of pajamas, you know I had to do full-on matching jammies for my three little girls this year. It's Isabelle's first Christmas, after all, so there was no way anyone was getting out of full coordination (though I skip the whole family-matching thing as I think Steve might leave me - haha!). The big girls' nightgowns came with miniature nightgowns for their dolls.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I met one of my best girlfriends (hi Sarah!) in a nearby town last weekend for crepes, coffee, and window browsing. I love exploring local downtowns this time of year -- they're always so festive and fun. 

Our Advent Calendar

The first thing the girls do when they go downstairs in the morning is check their advent calendar. I got this one on clearance after Christmas last year (check the stores after the holidays this year!), and I put a little slip of paper with an activity, idea, or event in each day's pocket. Here's a full list of our advent calendar activities. They're mostly very simple, which is perfect for us, especially in this season of life. One day was "Santa Pancakes for Breakfast," for instance.  But, shhh, tomorrow's is a big one: "Ride a Christmas train!" We're so excited to surprise them.

So, what about you? What have you been up to? Do you go all out for the holidays or try to keep it low-key? 

Gift Guide | For the Homebody + Make Money By Shopping

Monday, December 2, 2019

Hi friends! How are you doing on your holiday shopping -- all shopped out? Did you shop Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales? I see so many fun gift guides out there and thought I'd put together a few of my own. I get overwhelmed when there are too many things on them, so I figured I'd narrow each guide down to just a handful of favorites. I'll be sharing just a handful of them for those of you who might be last-minute shoppers!

Cozy Slippers | You can never go wrong with slippers as a gift in my opinion. I love that these have a bit of sparkle and won't break the bank!

Pretty Mug | If I had more room in my cabinets, I'm pretty sure I could become a mug hoarder. Love this Rifle Paper Co. one -- the colors are so gorgeous. Runner up is this one from Target.

Fun T-Shirt | When I saw this shirt, it was love at first sight. How many of us have wished we were curled up at home with a book in hand when we're somewhere else?

Coffee Table Book | This checks off two important things for the homebody: reading + decor. Check and check! The cover of this coffee table book is pretty enough to leave on display 24/7.

Comfiest Sweatshirt | This is my favorite thing in my closet right now, and I'm not even a little ashamed to admit it. So soft, so comfortable, and so many colors to choose from. 

Chenille Cable Knit Blanket | Sign me up for every single blanket. I love blankets, and how soft does this one look? The perfect gift.

Speaking of shopping, have you heard of Rakuten? Formerly EBates, it's a website where you sign up (completely free), can check out what sales are going on at almost every store you can think of, and shop through the website to literally make money back on every purchase. The percentage back you earn depends on the store, but it's usually anywhere from 1% - 15%, and you can choose how you want to receive your money. Why not get paid to do the shopping you're going to be doing anyway? 

This is not sponsored or anything like that, but if you shop through my link you can earn $10 back on your purchase of $25+. Amazing! Let me know what you find. ;)

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