To the Graduate

Thursday, May 31, 2018

It's almost June, which means graduation season is in full swing. I remember both of my graduations -- from high school, and later from college -- like they were yesterday, and yet so much life has happened since. They are sort of the definition of "one door closing, and another one opening," as Hallmark as that sounds. Graduation means saying goodbye to a certain way of life, a certain routine, certain people, friends, teachers, mentors. It's an event dedicated to celebrating achievements, and they mark the beginning of a new chapter.

If I were to give some advice to a new graduate, here's what I'd say.

Dear Graduate,

Congratulations! You did it. You worked hard, you worked late. You worked doubles, and -- let's be honest -- sometimes you didn't work at all. There were tests you didn't want to take and moments you were sure you'd give up. There were highs -- a well-deserved grade, an eye-opening experience, those nights with your friends -- and there were lows when defeat was so close and so tempting you could taste it. Giving up, or giving in, would have felt easier on so. many. occasions. But you knew the feeling wouldn't last, so you pushed through and now you're here, at the finish line.

Now what? Besides celebrating with the people who have supported you all along the way, where does one go once they cross the finish line? Whether you have an internship or a job lined up, are going to be continuing your education, or have no idea what your next move will be, I have a few pieces of advice from my own lessons learned:

1. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. When you're not sure what to do next, just take a single step. This is also true when your to-do list, or life in general, seems overwhelming. Things don't always have to be achieved overnight or in leaps and bounds. Just put one foot in front of the other. As our Disney friend Dory would say, just keep swimming.

2. Nobody knows what they're doing. It's true! I think this is one of the best kept secrets of adulthood -- most of us are just making it up as we go along. ;) Fake it 'til you make it, right? A college professor of mine once told me that and it stuck with me, and it's never proved so true as in motherhood. As a child, you look at adults and think they know it all, but the truth is -- we don't, and we're learning day by day just like everyone else.

3. Work hard and be kind. If you can master both of those things, you will be successful in whatever you choose to do. Most importantly, always choose to be a good human over being a powerful one. You can climb your way to the top, if that's what you want, more quickly by lifting others up as you go. I promise.

4. Always be honest. You're going to mess up. Mistakes are inevitable. It might seem tempting to try to cover them up or even lie when under fire, but as the old saying goes, honesty is always the best policy. If you can always be honest, you'll never have anything to feel guilty about, even if you do make a mistake. Admit the mistake, apologize, take a lesson from it and move on. That will say more to your employer (and in your personal life) than anything else.

5. Don't forget where you came from. Life's journey will inevitably take you out of your comfort zone and, most likely, out of your hometown. That's a good thing, but it will serve you well if you always keep a little bit of where you came from tucked inside your heart. It was the place, after all, that shaped you, where many of your memories were made, where most of your lessons were learned. It will make you and your story unique. And, when you can, go home. Visit your mom. Drive past some old stomping grounds. Look back fondly and look forward hopefully.

6. Life is just beginning. Someone I grew up with wrote that in my high school yearbook the spring we graduated. It was simple but profound then, and it still is. And it's true. Things can seem so BIG and all-important in the moment, but the world is wide and your adventure is truly just beginning. Just you wait.

So be kind, be true to yourself (even as you find out who that really is), be gracious, be grateful, stay curious, and remember that the best part of life -- even if it's at times one of the scariest parts -- is that every single day, anything can happen. Some of it is up to you, and some of it isn't, but make the best choices you can in the moment and then learn to ride the inevitable waves. It's an amazing ride.

What would you tell your younger self? What advice would you give those graduating from high school or college this year? And just for fun, Steve and me at our college graduation:

Long Weekend Adventures

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

It's completely acceptable to recap a weekend on a Wednesday, right?! I promise at some point soon I'll start blogging about something other than our weekends (how boring!), but life has been a little crazy and I haven't had as much time to sit down and write as I'd like. I have about a million meaningful blog posts in my drafts, so stay tuned. In the meantime, I thought I'd share a few highlights from our long weekend.

Friday was absolutely beautiful, so the girls and I spent a lot of time outside after school -- admiring flowers, swimming, playing in the playhouse. They kept coming over to me on the blanket next to their kiddie pool and dumping water on my legs until my shorts were completely soaked, so I figured what the hell, grabbed a bucket of water and started chasing them around the lawn splashing them. Their faces were priceless and their shrieking ear-piercing... I'm sure my neighbors thought the whole scene was entertaining! ;) After Steve got home from work that evening we took the girls for ice cream at a local shop where they got their usual: a scoop of strawberry with rainbow sprinkles. 

Saturday morning I was up before the rest of the crew and decided to take my coffee outside on the back patio. The sky was perfectly blue, the sun was shining but in that lazy morning way, and I sat with my feet up flipping through one of my cookbooks and meal planning for the week. It was such a peaceful start to the day! Not long after, Miss C found me (she said she peeked through the blinds and saw me!) and I took her breakfast outside so we could sit and chat before Steve and Hadley came down. Once they did, they joined us outside and the girls played in their pajamas for a while.

After nap time on Saturday, we headed to my friend's house about an hour away for a BBQ with my best friends from high school and from college -- it doesn't get better than that, does it? :) The kids had fun running around together and the adults had fun eating, ha! 

On Sunday I picked up our grocery order (have I mentioned that grocery pick-up is life changing?) and then we had a 1st birthday party at a local farm for the afternoon. The rain held out so we could enjoy cake and pick strawberries -- the birthday girl was too cute! Sunday evening Steve had dinner plans with friends, so the girls and I did dinner and bedtime solo.

On Memorial Day, my in-laws came over in the afternoon and stayed for dinner so the littles got plenty of playing time in. My MIL & FIL always get me fresh flowers to plant as my Mother's Day gift and they have the best green thumbs, so they planted one of my large planters for me. It looks so nice in the back garden, and my goal is to keep it that way! ;) I ran to Kohls and Target but other than that it was a pretty low-key day. 

I know MDW is the unofficial kickoff to summer, and in that way it certainly feels celebratory and happy. But I also know the true meaning of Memorial Day is remembering those who have sacrificed everything so we may be free. That certainly wasn't forgotten on this day of remembrance and I extend my thanks and admiration to their families and everyone who serves. 

Five on Friday: Memorial Day Weekend Edition

Friday, May 25, 2018

Can you believe it's Memorial Day weekend already? 

As often happens, I feel like winter lasted for twelve whole years and spring has just absolutely flown by. I love this time of year so much and wish time would slow down a bit so we all could enjoy the beautiful weather and anticipation of a full summer ahead.

But, here we are! What are your weekend plans? It looks rainy here in the Northeast but we'll make the best of it. Tomorrow we're heading to our friend's house for a BBQ and Sunday we have a 1st birthday party at the big farm near us! We don't have any plans for Monday yet so hopefully it will just be a relaxing day and set the tone for the week ahead (this week nearly killed me). ;) 

Jumping into a random Five on Friday:

1. The easiest smoothie. I'm sure this is no secret, but we have found the quickest (and still delicious) way to make smoothies around here. I buy a large bag of frozen berries (I love the antioxidant blend from Target that has strawberries, blueberries, cherries, and raspberries) and dump them in the blender with some whole milk. Blend and voila! You've got a healthy, simple smoothie that your kids will devour. See picture evidence below.

2. Kids shoes for $5. Yes... five dollars! Alright, I've got to hand it to Walmart of all places: their kid shoes are the best. I've scooped up a handful of shoes there for the girls for between $5 - $10 and so far they've all been great. It's nice having a variety while not having to worry about the shoes getting dirty, potentially ruined, and inevitably grown out of. Just a little tip if you've got little feet running around!

H has these and C has these, and another pair I can't find online. Also love these for Carrie and really love these for Haddie.

3. Quality time. We spent the afternoon with my mom and explored a park, climbed a tree, and played on the playground. It was such a beautiful day and I was just drinking it all in. Don't forget in the midst of rushing around and focusing on the "big" things that these really are the big things. Life is happening right now.

4. Memorial Day weekend sales. You know MDW is synonymous with sales! Luckily for us, we just got to spend tons (and tons...ouch) of money on a new HVAC system... adulting is so overrated. But if you didn't just dump a boatload of money into something boring, then check out these sales: Nordstrom (up to 40% off), Loft (40% off), Anthropologie (extra 40% off sale), Target (up to 30% off home & patio). And this isn't on sale, but I'm obsessed, so if you have a wedding or something coming up... just saying.

5. Have a great weekend!

Our Weekend in DC + This Week's Menu

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Good Tuesday morning, friends! How was your weekend? If your week is starting off anything like mine, you have a to-do list worthy of a thousand wide-eyed emojis. BUT a weekend spent not worrying about a to-do list at all was well worth it (though Monday did hit hard!). 

Yesterday was our 8 year wedding anniversary, so on Saturday we headed to DC to celebrate. Thanks to my mom and James for taking such good care of our babies so we could get away for a little quality time together! We decided on DC because it seemed like the perfect far-but-not-too-far location. It was about a three hour trip each way with traffic, but it's amazing how even a few hours "stuck" in the car feels like a date these days. ;) 

We stayed at the Hyatt Place [White House] which was one of the more affordable options and the location was excellent. We were a block away from the White House and so many other attractions were within easy walking distance. The hotel has a rooftop bar (it rained Saturday so we didn't get to check it out, but nice to have it right there in better weather!), 24/7 cafe and Starbucks, valet service, complimentary breakfast, and very comfy accommodations. 

After we arrived on Saturday, we didn't have too much time to get ready before our (early bird, haha!) dinner reservation. We cleaned up and grabbed a Lyft (because, heels) to RPM Italian. I am a big dork and have wanted to go there ever since it opened, and it didn't disappoint! We got the truffled garlic bread to start, eggplant parm, spaghetti and meatball (they serve one giant meatball), and the chocolate budini for dessert. So good and not overly filling, which was perfect since we planned to walk around after dinner.

After our meal, I changed shoes (yes my bag was big enough to fit a change of shoes -- always plan ahead! ;)) and we walked back over to the White House. Funnily enough, we noticed the whole area in front of it was roped off and figured those were the newest security measures. Maybe five minutes later, a huge motorcade with flashing lights and a string of large black vehicles pulled into the White House and we overheard a tour guide saying that it was the First Lady's motorcade. How's that for timing? Shortly after, the police took down the ropes and we were able to cross over and get a better view. She sure is impressive. It was pretty incredible to think of every president except for George Washington residing there.

We wandered in a large circle around the White House, taking in the beautiful architecture of surrounding buildings. The one below was my favorite. We saw the Department of Treasury, the Washington Monument, and the back (the South Lawn) of the White House. From there, we walked back toward our hotel, stopping at The Washington Post headquarters and taking in some more beautiful scenery. One thing that struck me (that I hadn't remembered from being in DC years ago): the city was generally so quiet. It's nothing like New York, or even Philadelphia. It seems wide and sprawling with lower buildings and a lot less people. 

On Sunday we enjoyed the continental breakfast in our room (yum), and then walked over to Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum, grabbing some coffee along the way. While we waited for the museum to open, we saw Ford's Theater (where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated) and the building right across the street where he actually died. So crazy to think about. 

The wax museum was a lot of fun, and they had a full presidential exhibit with an eerily  real looking statue of every single president. You know who my favorite was. ;) On the way back from the museum we got an early lunch at Potbelly's and sat at the countertop people watching. From there we saw the FBI and IRS headquarters and then arrived back at our hotel for checkout. 

It was a quick trip (less than 24 hours) but we fit so much in, and most importantly it all felt so relaxing. No real time line or itinerary, just sort of wandering the best parts of the city and taking it all in. I can't wait to go back with the girls and take them to some of my favorite museums, like Air & Space and the Smithsonian. 

Sorry for the lengthy recap -- I'm really impressed if you made it this far! Back to regularly scheduled programming, here's what's on the menu for this week.

This Week's Menu:

Monday - Grilled chicken caesar salads

Tuesday - Fish sticks, garlic cauliflower rice, and cheddar biscuits

Wednesday - Pasta with slowcooker meat sauce, side of broccoli

Thursday - Out

Friday - Leftover pasta and broccoli 

Saturday - BBQ with friends

Sunday - Hotdogs, french fries and salad 

Hope your day is going well so far!

Girl Chat: A Day in the Life

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Happy Thursday! Today I'm linking up with some of my personal favorite bloggers for Girl Chat, sharing "a day in the life." I always love reading this type of post, so hopefully you do too! I chose this past Tuesday, 5/15, to document. ;)

A quick rundown of our typical week, just for reference: C has preschool 3 mornings a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). Thursday mornings she has gymnastics. Wednesday is the day that either my mom or Steve's parents come (alternating weeks) so I can attend work meetings, have work calls, or just generally get work done in large chunks of time that I otherwise wouldn't have. ;) Tuesday mornings are our typical play date day!

A day in the life (Tuesday, 5/15): 

6:45am - I wake up about a half an hour before the rest of the house and sneak downstairs for my iced coffee and protein bar. I open my laptop to answer a few emails before the day begins. I have no calls today, but a few things to accomplish work-wise.

7:15am - C's "ok to wake" clock (if you don't have one, get one!) turns green and she comes downstairs carrying it to show me. We go upstairs together to get Hadley out of her crib and Steve is waking up/starting to get ready for work. The girls usually attack him with hugs and jab him with knees and elbows for a few minutes.

7:45am - Breakfast for the girls. Today it's Nutrigrain bars, fruit, and milk. 

8:15am - Hadley's new favorite thing is to beg for "A mimi!" (A Mickey Mouse episode) immediately following breakfast. I give the girls a Mickey while I clean up breakfast and pack a lunch for our play date.

9am - After Steve eats breakfast and does the dishes (he always does all the dishes before he leaves for the day -- I never touch a dish, so helpful) he heads to the office. The girls and I go upstairs to start getting dressed and ready for our play date, which we're supposed to leave for in 45 minutes. (Spoiler alert: it never goes as planned!)

9:45am - We're all finally dressed but I still need to put sunscreen on them which is always a battle with H (she seriously goes full gator on me every time), so I text my friend that we'll be getting to the farm (we have an amazing farm near us with a giant playground, splash pad, petting zoo - it's wonderful) at about 10:15 instead of 10am.

10:15am - We arrive at the farm looking like we're going to move in with all of the bags we have. Of course, I somehow forgot towels for the girls and a change of clothes for them (#winning at parenting). Oh well! We meet up with friends and play, splash, and eat lunch and ice cream. I keep an eye on my emails with my phone (the joys of technology!).

2pm - We're back home and I put Hadley down for her nap. She usually goes down around 12:30/1pm but she's pretty flexible and can really go down anywhere from 12 to 2pm. If I put her down on the later side, I just wake her up by 4 so she's not bright eyed and bushy tailed at bedtime. ;)

2:30 - 3:30pm - I work on the couch next to C while she unwinds and watches her new favorite show (girlfriend has as many Netflix binges as I do!), The Magic School Bus. I respond to emails, write some pitches, edit an article. 

3:30-4pm - I snuggle with C and we watch one more Magic School Bus episode together before getting Hadley up from her nap.

4pm - Hadley is up and I'm starting to prep dinner. The girls like to eat around 5pm. I was going to make chili today but I forgot to throw it in the crockpot earlier in the day, so instead I do our Cuban Sandwiches tonight. For the girls, that means grilled ham & cheeses, pickles (they love pickles!), fruit and peas. 

5:30pm - We are done with dinner and Steve texts that he'll be getting home late tonight. He usually gets home around 5:30/6. I take the girls outside to eat their popsicle dessert (we love these). The popsicles melt all over them and they are completely sticky so we head inside and run a cool bath. They play in the bath for the next hour! *Have I mentioned our AC is broken? And it was 90 degrees today? 

6:30pm - I jump in the shower once the girls are out of the bath and dressed in their pjs, and then Steve comes home and finds us laying in my room next to the running fan. We are all hot and tired! Evening storms are starting to roll in.

7:30pm - Bedtime stories (3 books for each girl, and we usually split it up. One night I will read to C and Steve will read to H, and then the next night visa versa. Soon we'll start combining our nighttime books, I think!), brushing teeth, and then we say goodnight to the babies. C continues to come out of her room intermittently for the next 45 minutes or so (I need water, I need to go potty, I need another hug, I have a great idea for tomorrow, etc.). 

7:30 - 10pm - Steve and I talk about the day and then I get back to work -- emails, client reports, etc. I have Mad Men on in the background (which I'm almost finished with!).

10pm - Lights out for me, which is early by at least an hour. I've had a headache all day and am so hot, all I want to do is get to sleep!


It's funny because these things seem so ordinary when I recount them, but of course there are a million moments in between -- from plunging the toilet (toddler poop problems, am I right?), to sweeping the crumbs on the floor, to letting the pup out, to giggling with the girls and letting them put a "bubble cast" on my arm in the bath for a half hour. There is chasing, and boo boo kissing, and wiping up spills, and playing countless games of "pretend" every single day. So though you can see the rough timeline of an average day (one when C is not in school for the morning), I don't think any one of us could really recount all we do in a single day. That's what makes up our lives, though, right? Every one of those minutes. Whether ordinary, extraordinary, slow, rushed -- I am so grateful for how I get to spend my days. 

I would love to hear: what does an average day in the life look like for you?

Our Upcoming Trip + Affordable Vacation Accessories

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Every year, for 15 years, Steve and I have gone to the same beach together. We started going when we were teenagers because his friend's family had a beach house there, and then we just never stopped. Now it's one of my favorite places in the world for many reasons (and, lucky me, it's only about an hour away!). We've wrangled our entire families into coming and the girls love it now, too. Funny story: for my 17th birthday Steve bought me a jean jacket from a shop there, and it is still my only jean jacket and I wear it all the time. It's one of those things that the older it gets, the better it gets. Hopefully like me - ha! 

Are you taking a vacation this summer? Apparently, Americans are terrible at taking time off -- rates of people using their vacation time have been steadily declining for years. I understand that everyone's circumstances are different but, by God, if you have the paid time to take, take it! 

Hoping to inspire you a bit, I'm sharing some affordable vacation looks. Now: get going!

Vacation Style: Accessories (From $7 - $33)

Blue Slides // Hair Wrap // Resin Earrings
Beach Towel // Cork Sandals // Sarong Cover Up

I picked up a hair wrap similar to the one above from H&M for $6 -- as a mom on the run, my hair is thrown up 98% of the time so adding a cute/functional hair wrap is right up my alley. I don't have that exact sarong (also from H&M) but I've been known to bring a lightweight scarf or two and use it as a cover up at the beach. Speaking of H&M, did you know they have a home line now? I. love. everything. Seriously -- check it out. They have everything from bath towels to decor to kids' room stuff and it is all extremely affordable and SO fun and unique.

If you could take a vacation anywhere, where would it be?

Our Weekend + This Week's Menu

Monday, May 14, 2018

How did your weekend go? We had a good one! 

Saturday Steve mulched while the girls and I played and got some things accomplished indoors, and then we headed to one of our favorite places, Zinburger, for dinner. After that we walked over to Barnes & Noble, and then headed home for an ice pop and bedtime. 

Yesterday, on Mother's Day, we enjoyed a slow morning and when it was nap time, I headed out to the mall to walk around a little bit. Then we cooked dinner together and had our family movie night (Toy Story) since we didn't have it on Friday. After the girls were in bed I made another dent in The Woman in Cabin Ten. All in all, it was a wonderful Mother's Day! Being their mom is the greatest joy I have ever known. :)

Here's what's on our menu for the week:

Tuesday - Crockpot chili with mini corn muffins

Wednesday - Cuban sandwiches with chips & salad

Thursday - Out

Friday - Leftover chili

Saturday - We'll be in DC so the kids and grandparents will have hotdogs, mac & cheese, and corn ;)

Sunday - More leftovers (we call this "picking" - anyone else?)

Hope your week is off to a great start!

Five on... Saturday!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Yay, it's the weekend! Mother's Day weekend at that. What are your plans? Last night we had our neighbors over for pizza & drinks and let the kids run around the backyard. Good thing, too, because it looks like it was the last nice day for a while! The 10 day forecast is full of thunderstorms and rain. We were unsure what we would do this weekend and I think that after all the deliberation the plan is -- no plan! Which is fine by me. We live about 2 hours away from our moms so instead of fighting extra traffic and booked up restaurants this weekend, we'll celebrate them both next week. :) As for me, a weekend with no plans is a gift in and of itself!

Since I didn't get around to posting a Five on Friday yesterday, consider this my Five on Saturday instead:

1. Mother's Day Tea. I attended a mother's day tea (aka mini muffins and iced tea!) at C's preschool and it was the cutest thing ever. The kids all came and escorted us from the door to our seats, handing us a paper flower "corsage." Then they put on the most adorable rendition of The Very Hungry Caterpillar I've ever seen and sang songs. So much fun to spend that special time with my biggest girl.

2. A New IG Account/Blog to Follow. I love discovering new content that inspires me and is different, and I recently came across the IG account Design Addict Mom. She isn't afraid of bold splashes of color, which is quite opposite my decorating/dressing personality which is usually drawn to neutrals -- but I LOVE her style and I think you will too! Sometimes it's so refreshing to peruse style that may not be your own but that you admire and may be able to take some pointers from.
3. Omg these goggles. This shop has some of the cutest kids' stuff ever, but is way expensive. But every so often I come across something that is (almost) irresistible. How cute and unique are these goggles for the summer? 

4. You need to try this soup. I know I've mentioned this Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana soup recipe here before, but if you haven't tried it yet -- you need to! It's easy, delicious, and goes great with a crusty loaf of bread. It's on regular rotation over here. Let me know if you try it!

5. Have a great weekend and cheers to all the mommas out there (especially mine)!

Oh, Motherhood

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Oh, motherhood.

You're messy. You leave no surface untouched with fingerprints, from dining room tables to my very heart -- a reminder that "nice" things will have to wait and also that "nice" things are overrated, anyway. Someday there won't be popsicle hands reaching for me or sloppy peanut butter kisses. 

You're a fickle thing. One minute you have me riding the highest high of my life, praying out loud that the moment will never end, begging for time to please, oh please, stand still in this moment. But just like my children when I plead with them to hold still, time never listens. The next minute I'm plummeting into a sea of "what the hell do I do?" because there are actual tiny humans who I made and who need me every moment and they also just happen to be having a very public breakdown. Later I'll have mine less publicly.

And that's ok, motherhood. I get it. I hear you loud and clear: just like the tiny ones I look after, I am human too. More human, it seems, than ever before.

You have a way of pointing out all of my flaws, and at the same time you have turned me into a superhero. I am an actual superhero, thank you very much. My kids tell me so, and so does the fact that I can accomplish more in one day than should be humanly possible.

Somehow, you have made me love and admire my own mother even more than I did before. How is that possible? It's because, now, I so clearly see every hard decision she made, every time she put herself last, every experience she worked so hard to give us. I recognize the pride, the disappointment, the joy, the sacrifice, and the steadfast love. When I lay my own hand under my daughter's cheek as she falls asleep, I remember holding tightly to hers. I remember the comfort of her presence, the calm in her voice, the warmth of her hug. 

Motherhood, now that I know you, I am overwhelmed by how much I am loved and humbled that now it's my chance to give that to my daughters. I hope that someday they, too, might know you and in turn realize the depth of my love for them.

So, yes, motherhood. You're loud and you smell and sometimes you make me cry but, my God, you are the most beautiful thing I have ever known and I am forever grateful for you.

When Life Hands You Lemons, Wear Them

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Lemons seem to be everywhere. They're 2018's version of the pineapple or the lesser worn avocado. ;) Carrie & Haddie both have matching lemon-print bathing suits for this year and there's no doubt it's adorable on kids' clothes (Hadley has this shirt from H&M that I just love). But there are also some really cute ways to wear and decorate with lemons as a grown up... and why should kids have all the fun?

Here are my top ten lemon picks for us adults:

This fun, flirty dress for under $40 (and free shipping).

A preppy print with pink & yellow on this adorable bathing suit.

This Kate Spade hand towel to summer up your kitchen.

A lemon print beach blanket to brighten up your day.

Kind of obsessed with this lemon print one piece.

This refreshing pitcher for $10 - can't you just picture lemonade in it?

The prettiest cooler bag for beach/park trips.

I love how this simple tee ($10!) brings in soft blues & pinks along with the yellow.

This $15 clutch is perfect to toss your phone, keys, and ID in for the beach!

You know how sometimes it's chilly at night with AC? Enter this $20 PJ set!

Our Weekend + This Week's Menu

Monday, May 7, 2018

Hello and happy Monday! 

How was your weekend? Ours was good. Lots of yard work -- which these days consists of two small girls (and a pup) running around in their pajamas pulling weeds with their bare hands and looking at worms. I couldn't love it more. :)

I finally got a chance to start reading The Woman in Cabin 10 on Saturday night. So far, so good... although I'm not overly drawn in. There have been many books where I read at least half late into the night, only to devour the rest the next day. This one has a slightly slower pace, at least so far, so we'll see. But I am enjoying it so far.

I also attended a sprinkle for my girlfriend who is expecting twins in June! Everything was adorable and delicious and she looks ridiculously good. I can't believe she'll be going from two to four kids in a month or so! 

Last night we took the girls to a steakhouse/saloon for dinner. They have a train that runs around the ceiling of the dining room and a big room for line dancing, so it's a fun place to take kids. Before we left, we watched a group dancing and when we got home we threw on country music and made up some moves in the family room. It reminded me of a place I used to go sometimes when I was little called Lone Star -- I think they still exist but the location I went to closed a long time ago. Everyone would throw peanuts on the floor and the servers would stop every half hour or so and do a dance.

What's on your menu for the week? Here's ours:

Monday: Kielbasa with cheesy shells and roasted brussel sprouts

Tuesday: Slow cooker "zuppa toscana" soup with garlic bread

Wednesday: Tikka Masala chicken with rice and peas

Thursday: Breakfast for dinner (eggs, tots, sausage patties)

Friday: Pizza with friends

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Mother's Day -- out!

PS - We tried out this recipe (only I used tuna) last week and while the girls wouldn't touch it, Steve and I really liked it.

PPS - I saved a bunch of new, kid friendly recipes onto my "Favorite Recipes" Pinterest board so if you're in need of ideas feel free to check that out!

Have a fantastic start to your week, friends. 
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