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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Happy Thursday! Today I'm linking up with some of my personal favorite bloggers for Girl Chat, sharing "a day in the life." I always love reading this type of post, so hopefully you do too! I chose this past Tuesday, 5/15, to document. ;)

A quick rundown of our typical week, just for reference: C has preschool 3 mornings a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). Thursday mornings she has gymnastics. Wednesday is the day that either my mom or Steve's parents come (alternating weeks) so I can attend work meetings, have work calls, or just generally get work done in large chunks of time that I otherwise wouldn't have. ;) Tuesday mornings are our typical play date day!

A day in the life (Tuesday, 5/15): 

6:45am - I wake up about a half an hour before the rest of the house and sneak downstairs for my iced coffee and protein bar. I open my laptop to answer a few emails before the day begins. I have no calls today, but a few things to accomplish work-wise.

7:15am - C's "ok to wake" clock (if you don't have one, get one!) turns green and she comes downstairs carrying it to show me. We go upstairs together to get Hadley out of her crib and Steve is waking up/starting to get ready for work. The girls usually attack him with hugs and jab him with knees and elbows for a few minutes.

7:45am - Breakfast for the girls. Today it's Nutrigrain bars, fruit, and milk. 

8:15am - Hadley's new favorite thing is to beg for "A mimi!" (A Mickey Mouse episode) immediately following breakfast. I give the girls a Mickey while I clean up breakfast and pack a lunch for our play date.

9am - After Steve eats breakfast and does the dishes (he always does all the dishes before he leaves for the day -- I never touch a dish, so helpful) he heads to the office. The girls and I go upstairs to start getting dressed and ready for our play date, which we're supposed to leave for in 45 minutes. (Spoiler alert: it never goes as planned!)

9:45am - We're all finally dressed but I still need to put sunscreen on them which is always a battle with H (she seriously goes full gator on me every time), so I text my friend that we'll be getting to the farm (we have an amazing farm near us with a giant playground, splash pad, petting zoo - it's wonderful) at about 10:15 instead of 10am.

10:15am - We arrive at the farm looking like we're going to move in with all of the bags we have. Of course, I somehow forgot towels for the girls and a change of clothes for them (#winning at parenting). Oh well! We meet up with friends and play, splash, and eat lunch and ice cream. I keep an eye on my emails with my phone (the joys of technology!).

2pm - We're back home and I put Hadley down for her nap. She usually goes down around 12:30/1pm but she's pretty flexible and can really go down anywhere from 12 to 2pm. If I put her down on the later side, I just wake her up by 4 so she's not bright eyed and bushy tailed at bedtime. ;)

2:30 - 3:30pm - I work on the couch next to C while she unwinds and watches her new favorite show (girlfriend has as many Netflix binges as I do!), The Magic School Bus. I respond to emails, write some pitches, edit an article. 

3:30-4pm - I snuggle with C and we watch one more Magic School Bus episode together before getting Hadley up from her nap.

4pm - Hadley is up and I'm starting to prep dinner. The girls like to eat around 5pm. I was going to make chili today but I forgot to throw it in the crockpot earlier in the day, so instead I do our Cuban Sandwiches tonight. For the girls, that means grilled ham & cheeses, pickles (they love pickles!), fruit and peas. 

5:30pm - We are done with dinner and Steve texts that he'll be getting home late tonight. He usually gets home around 5:30/6. I take the girls outside to eat their popsicle dessert (we love these). The popsicles melt all over them and they are completely sticky so we head inside and run a cool bath. They play in the bath for the next hour! *Have I mentioned our AC is broken? And it was 90 degrees today? 

6:30pm - I jump in the shower once the girls are out of the bath and dressed in their pjs, and then Steve comes home and finds us laying in my room next to the running fan. We are all hot and tired! Evening storms are starting to roll in.

7:30pm - Bedtime stories (3 books for each girl, and we usually split it up. One night I will read to C and Steve will read to H, and then the next night visa versa. Soon we'll start combining our nighttime books, I think!), brushing teeth, and then we say goodnight to the babies. C continues to come out of her room intermittently for the next 45 minutes or so (I need water, I need to go potty, I need another hug, I have a great idea for tomorrow, etc.). 

7:30 - 10pm - Steve and I talk about the day and then I get back to work -- emails, client reports, etc. I have Mad Men on in the background (which I'm almost finished with!).

10pm - Lights out for me, which is early by at least an hour. I've had a headache all day and am so hot, all I want to do is get to sleep!


It's funny because these things seem so ordinary when I recount them, but of course there are a million moments in between -- from plunging the toilet (toddler poop problems, am I right?), to sweeping the crumbs on the floor, to letting the pup out, to giggling with the girls and letting them put a "bubble cast" on my arm in the bath for a half hour. There is chasing, and boo boo kissing, and wiping up spills, and playing countless games of "pretend" every single day. So though you can see the rough timeline of an average day (one when C is not in school for the morning), I don't think any one of us could really recount all we do in a single day. That's what makes up our lives, though, right? Every one of those minutes. Whether ordinary, extraordinary, slow, rushed -- I am so grateful for how I get to spend my days. 

I would love to hear: what does an average day in the life look like for you?


  1. Thank you so much for linking up with us! I loved reading this and hearing about your day. We documented the same day and tha's so crazy you didn't get hit with the storm. My sister didn't either. That farm looks like so much fun! Sierra Beautifully Candid

    1. Thanks for hosting -- I love this topic! I thought the storm would be so much worse than it was. There were a few lightning bolts and some thunder but nothing crazy at all. I'm over all of this rain, though! Time for sunshine again. :)

  2. Oh yes to having to do all the small things in between. I love reading about your day. I am so sorry that the ac broke in your house. That is miserable. thanks for sharing your day!

    1. Thanks, friend! We're getting quotes to replace it now -- might as well bite the bullet before the summer weather REALLY starts. ;)

  3. I LOVED reading this - I think you have convinced me to try an iced coffee - I've never had one and will order one somewhere and Instagram it with a cheers to you! I didn't realise you worked til now - would love to hear more about what you do too and if it is something you did pre- children or changed career to fit around them? I am going to coin the phrase 'full gator' when it comes to resistance to sun cream - I think that still applies to mine, even though 11 - I am always accused of trying to stab him in the eye or something. That farm sounds like a great resource - wish we had something like that. 90 degree heat is crazy - it is like where you are it has super jumped in temperature? You are SO right about the million and one things in between - I realised that today too after doing the post - I think there is a continual subconscious process of tidying - or in my case constantly letting the dog in and out of the house (a thousand times a day haah)- GREAT post :) Joanne x p.s hope you get your Air Con fixed and you have reminded me to re-watch Mad Men (only got to series 2 last time).

    1. I'm so glad! Oh, you MUST try iced coffee. I've never really been a fan of hot drinks, but coffee is a must, so it's perfect for me. ;) I work from home as a book publicist (I promote authors and publishers, securing media placements for them -- book reviews, interviews, articles, events and more). I did it pre-kids and my company is wonderful enough to allow me to keep at it while I'm home with my girls. LOL - I am accused of a lot in the sunscreen application process, as well! Thanks re: the AC -- it should be fixed within the next couple of weeks. Finger crossed no more 90 degree days til after that. :)

    2. Europafax ... I am an ICED COFFEE addict and when I was in London back in November I was so so so SAD that I couldn't find my daily starbucks habit anywhere. I am not sure where you are in europe but you may want to look into making your own iced coffee because what you might get at the local starbucks is NOT the same thing that we get here in the US.
      Also, I am also praying that their air conditioning gets fixed super quick. Summers in the US are just gosh darn unbearable without the cooling effect of the air conditioning. I am blessed to be working from home today in a nice and cool 72 degrees drinking my iced coffee and working. (Well and reading blogs!! haha)

    3. That sounds lovely (iced coffee, cool air, blog reading)! And that's so interesting that iced coffee isn't a thing in Europe -- I for some reason have always preferred cool drinks so I think I'd be a little lost! But it's all what you're used to, I guess. :)

  4. I love the little blurb you added in at the end of this! So true!

    1. Thanks! I thought after I wrote it -- man, that does NOT really sum it up! Hahaha. Then again, I didn't think anyone would want to read "and then I swept up crumbs" 426 times. ;) We all fill the day with so much that it feels impossible to document. But I love reading (and writing) these types of posts nevertheless!

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you, Regine! I hope you have a great weekend!


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