Let's Talk Names

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Aren't names interesting? I mean, think about it. Our parents decide on a name they like and they think will fit us and the family we are born into, and we are (usually) called it for the rest of our lives. Sort of crazy, right? And then, if and when we become parents ourselves, we are given the same responsibility. So... how do you choose? I would love to hear how you've chosen names for your kids: have you gone the route of passing down meaningful family names? Did you use a traditional baby name book/website? Did you use the name you always thought you would, or change it at the last minute?

I was supposed to be Carolyn or Kimberly, but when I was born my parents looked at me and pivoted. And, of course, now I can't picture being called anything but my name.

I often get questions about my own kids' names. They're on the more unusual side, though not unheard of -- and actually, Hadley's name is becoming a bit more popular I think. 

Here are the stories: neither are family names, just names we liked and "felt right." We literally flipped through a baby name book at Barnes & Noble when I was pregnant with Carrington and when I spotted her name and suggested it to Steve, we both liked it right away and that was it from then on. The only other one we had considered before finding her name was Eva. I love that it's different without being hard to pronounce, and that she has a nickname she can choose to use. We probably call her Carrington and Carrie equally as often, and she'll answer to both without blinking. It just fits her! If she had been a boy, she would have been Owen Xavier.

As for Hadley, I had heard her name in the time since having Carrington and loved it. When we found out she was a girl, it popped into my mind right away. The only other name we considered for her was Arden. Here's how we decided which was meant to be: we had Carrington say each. When she said "Hadley" she pronounced it "Haddie" (which is still her nickname!), and we just knew that was the one. If she had been a boy, she would have been Maxwell Dean.

By the time you have the third baby of the same gender, it gets a bit tough to choose a name! By that time, you've already chosen four names you love: two first names and two middle names. When we found out this sweet baby was a girl, it took some brainstorming and searching to find her name (which we are keeping a surprise until she's born). Steve and I both have pretty strong opinions on names and would shoot down each other's suggestions. We did both like Alexandria, with a nickname of Andi, and thought that would be the one. But the more we considered it, the more it just didn't feel like her. It's funny how you can just get a feeling either way about someone you haven't even met. Her name was one that wasn't even on our radar, and yet once we said it out loud, that was it!

Some of my favorite names, besides my own kids' names, are:




Maxwell (Max)
William (Will)

Your turn! What are your kids' names and/or some of your favorite names? I'd love to hear! 

Weekend Favorites

Saturday, June 22, 2019

How is your weekend going?

Ours has been great so far. The sun is finally shining (and it looks like a beautiful week ahead!), we enjoyed the annual Parade of Homes in my hometown yesterday, and spent plenty of time outside today exploring, playing at the splash pad, and eating Chipotle. YES PLEASE.

I'm a little late to Friday Favorites but I still have a few things I want to share with you, so Weekend Favorites it is:

This 103 year old woman is #goals. (Love her advice on life & marriage!)

Have you guys checked out the Hatley brand for your kids? The stuff is crazy cute. I like to peruse the sale page. ;) This would be so cute for the first day of preschool, and these are adorable. (PS: Right now they are also having 30% pajamas and swim)

This sweet story had me tearing up. Love this idea, and I think we'll copy it!

These Tory Burch dupes are super comfy (I have them and have walked a ton in them). Look for them at TJ Maxx, where they're just $16!!

Have you tried chocolate covered Craisins? OMG.

If you are way ahead of the game and have started thinking about backpack shopping for back-to-school, there are a few styles from Pottery Barn Kids on major sale. I think C would love this one.

I seriously could not love Amy Schumer's completely transparent view into early motherhood more. We need more people to be this honest! (Also, I've already talked about it, but if you haven't watched her Netflix special "Growing" yet, please do so).

Have a peaceful Sunday!

Summer Work Wear: 8 Pieces to Try

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Want to hear a secret? One of the things I miss most (okay, maybe the only thing I miss!) about working in an office environment is getting dressed. ;) I actually love work wear. In fact, I'd probably be way more productive working from home if I got dressed in professional clothes every morning. Contrary to popular belief (and, of course, depending on what field you're in and the dress code), work wear doesn't need to be drab, uncomfortable, or expensive.

Here's the proof! For all those who do work in an office environment, I've come across some amazing, affordable pieces lately while browsing. What do you usually wear to work? Where are your favorite places to shop for M-F staples?

To the Dads + How Loss Evolves

Monday, June 17, 2019

How was your Father's Day weekend? 

We celebrated our very favorite daddy in the world with breakfast in bed (cinnamon streusel muffins, bacon, and coffee) and gave him the gift of a relaxing day. ;) Oh, and some socks and his favorite chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches (try them at your own risk!). Later on in the day we went to Iron Hill for dinner, followed by a quick trip to Home Depot. We picked up a sample of this paint color for the nursery and Steve painted a big swatch on the wall. So far, I like it!

As you all probably know by now, my own dad passed away when I was a little girl. Days dedicated to dads, big occasions, his birthday and the day he died always put me in a reflective mood; though as I grow older, the feeling seems to have evolved into a mix of both sorrow and gratitude. The more life you live, the more you grasp all the life that your parent is missing out on by not being here. But you also gain a sense of gratitude for the life they did live (instead of just what you and they missed out on), and the unique ways they continue to live on through you and, if you have them, your children.

What most people don't realize about losing a parent as a child is that, even though it happened a long time ago and your memories of your parent might be few, the loss of one of the people who helped to create you -- whose genetics literally live on through you -- continues to grow and change as you do. I've found it feels like peeling back layers of an onion; there's always more about life and loss to be discovered and worked through.

For instance, even though it's been over 25 years since I lost my dad, the other day I was driving to a store and heard a song that made me think of him. Tears immediately filled my eyes as I thought about what he must be feeling and thinking in certain moments. Or, I'll think of a time he was silly as a parent or a time he was exasperated as a parent and I'll identify on a whole new level with him. I'll think, "I get it, dad!"

He was a good one, and I'm grateful for the onion because if I keep peeling, it not only means discovering new layers of loss, but new layers of life.

I'm also grateful for all of the wonderful men who have been part of my life: my brother, my uncles, my father-in-law, my mom's boyfriend. They all add unique joy to my life! Hoping you were able to celebrate the special men in your life this weekend, no matter who they are.

Friday Favorites | Life Lately

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Happy Saturday! I can't believe we're halfway through the month of June. I took a little break from this space while we were away on vacation last week and had every intention to check in earlier this week, but last day of school activities kept us busy! 

I thought I'd pop in today with a little "Life Lately" version of Friday Favorites (a day late!) with some snapshots of what we've been up to. How has June been treating you?

1. Our Beach Week

We spent a fun and almost entirely sunny week in our favorite nearby beach town last week, and it was awesome. Yes, there are always challenges to traveling with kids (even when it's somewhere that isn't far away!) -- both girls had to take a couple of days to adjust to sleeping somewhere else, and naps were thrown off at first. I wrote a post touching on this topic a couple of years ago. But the opportunity to get away and make memories outshines all of that by far to us. We swam in the ocean, built sand castles, ate delicious food and way too much ice cream, explored the wetlands (C even got to talk to real marine biologists!), went to the zoo, and spent precious time with our families.

2. Pre-School Graduation (and a fun find)

We officially have a pre-school grad! Carrington graduated from pre-school earlier this week, and it was such a sweet ceremony. I only cried one time, so I'll count that as a win. ;) In all seriousness, I am more proud of this little girl than I can put into words. She is such a bright light and I can't wait to watch her thrive in kindergarten! 

PS - I picked up this Kindergarten prep workbook in Barnes & Noble the other day and it has been a HUGE hit. C rushes down to it every morning and has spent hours happily entertaining herself with it! They have one for most grade levels, if you have a kiddo who could use a new quiet time activity this summer!

3. Downtime 

During any downtime I've had (read: after bedtime), I've been checking some new shows/movies out on Netflix. I watched Always Be My Maybe with Ali Wong (who I think is pretty hilarious) and it's definitely worth a watch! I also binged Dead to Me, which ended up being way more intriguing than I anticipated.

I think we're going to switch Netflix out for HBO for a couple of months so Steve can (finally) watch Game of Thrones and I can watch Big Little Lies. If you have HBO, what else would you recommend?

4. Nursery Progress

I have been making some major progress in the baby/nursery department and it just brings me so much joy. I'm such a planner by nature, so this whole preparing and nesting part of pregnancy really meshes with my personality, haha. 

My vision for the babe's nursery is: neutral walls (but I am completely stuck on WHICH neutral, so if you have any tips or ideas, help a girl out -- I've been eyeing this or this) with white furniture and colorful, sweet, cheerful accents. I have this crib sheet for pops of color, and plan to switch it out with this crib sheet when we want something softer (or, you know, need to change dirty baby sheets). I just got some wall ledges as book shelves and have a few decorative pieces for her walls, too. I'm excited to share the befores and afters once we get everything fixed up.

5. Blog/Instagram Updates

I've been plotting some blog/IG updates to celebrate The Lucky Lifestyle's two year birthday! Stay tuned for those, plus a couple of giveaways to celebrate. Chasing a dream ain't easy in this season of life, but like the saying goes: If it's important to you, you'll find a way. If it's not, you'll find an excuse. I can't wait to share what's new!

6. Bonus! 16 Years

This past week Steve and I celebrated 16 years together! Just for fun, here are a couple of throwback pictures of us as teens.

Look at that Princess Sofia-esque dress! Hope you have a great weekend.
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