Weekend Favorites

Saturday, June 22, 2019

How is your weekend going?

Ours has been great so far. The sun is finally shining (and it looks like a beautiful week ahead!), we enjoyed the annual Parade of Homes in my hometown yesterday, and spent plenty of time outside today exploring, playing at the splash pad, and eating Chipotle. YES PLEASE.

I'm a little late to Friday Favorites but I still have a few things I want to share with you, so Weekend Favorites it is:

This 103 year old woman is #goals. (Love her advice on life & marriage!)

Have you guys checked out the Hatley brand for your kids? The stuff is crazy cute. I like to peruse the sale page. ;) This would be so cute for the first day of preschool, and these are adorable. (PS: Right now they are also having 30% pajamas and swim)

This sweet story had me tearing up. Love this idea, and I think we'll copy it!

These Tory Burch dupes are super comfy (I have them and have walked a ton in them). Look for them at TJ Maxx, where they're just $16!!

Have you tried chocolate covered Craisins? OMG.

If you are way ahead of the game and have started thinking about backpack shopping for back-to-school, there are a few styles from Pottery Barn Kids on major sale. I think C would love this one.

I seriously could not love Amy Schumer's completely transparent view into early motherhood more. We need more people to be this honest! (Also, I've already talked about it, but if you haven't watched her Netflix special "Growing" yet, please do so).

Have a peaceful Sunday!


  1. I just tried chocolate covered Craisins last week! They are so incredibly delicious! I hope you have a fabulous week Ahead pretty lady!

    1. They are dangerous, aren't they?! Hope you had a great weekend, Andrea!

  2. I follow Amy Schumer on Instagram and I agree.. it a wonderful sight.. motherhood is not all rainbow and butterflies.

    1. Isn't she the best? Haha. I laughed so hard at the photo she posted of her in the bathroom at the hospital. It's just so true!

  3. I need to check out that Hatley website. I bet I could buy a ton of stuff. Ha. Chocolate covered crasins? Those sound amazing.

    1. Oof... it's definitely potentially dangerous to wallet, haha! But so, so cute. You have to try the Craisins (although I ate ours way too quickly).


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