Five on Friday: A Sick Week

Friday, March 16, 2018

What's a sick week without some good TV and impulse Target buys? And there you have the preview for today's Five on Friday! Welcome! 

What are you up to this weekend? We have a low key weekend ahead which is always welcomed with open arms. I plan on throwing some green sprinkles on our pancakes Saturday morning and the girls have matching St. Patrick's Day shirts. Hadley is supposed to have dance class but she's fighting a little cold right now so chances are we'll skip it. Probably a few errands, maybe playing outside if we're lucky, and of course finding something yummy to eat along the way. :)

Let's hop right into it, shall we?

1. Ozark. Steve and I just finished watching the first (and only, so far) season of Ozark on Netflix and omg... intense. We both liked it though. Now we're in show withdrawal, naturally, and are open to suggestions! What have you seen and loved lately on Netflix? We're both individually picky when it comes to shows so it's hard to find something to settle in and watch together! Lay it on me!

2. Yes to Grapefruit Paper Mask. Hahahahaha. Haha. That was my first - and strongest - reaction to using my first paper mask (I know, where have I been, right?). I looked terrifying and it was slipping off of me for the entire 10 minutes. The only thing I could think about was that scene in Mrs. Doubtfire where Robin Williams dunks his face in the meringue pie and pretends it's a face mask. BUT I must say, when I took it off, my skin did feel more toned and look a little brighter! For $2.50, I figured why not! (Photo evidence might give you nightmares forever -- sorry!)

3. An alternative to La Croix. I know everyone, myself included, loves them some La Croix. I first got hooked on it when I was pregnant with Carrington since it satisfied that soda/carbonated beverage craving. Now there are so many brands, varieties, and flavors of sparkling water. Just this week I tried Target's brand "Simply Balanced" for the first time in the watermelon flavor and it's really, really good! Not too sweet at all, and the perfect flavor for summertime (which I am dreaming of).

4. A trip in the works. Steve and I are planning an overnight trip for our anniversary in May and we're probably going to go to NYC, which is only about 1 hr 45 minutes from us. We've both been there many times before but it's been a while since we've spent a good amount of time there, especially just the two of us. If you've been, what are your favorite spots for dinner, drinks, and things to do? Now taking recommendations. :)

5. Enjoy your weekend!

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You Might be a Parent to Littles If...

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Thursday! We're almost there. 

It has been kind of rough around here for the past week, first with Carrie being sick and then yesterday Haddie seemed to come down with something cold-like. We made a quick trip to Target this morning, though, and I swear that reset my mind/outlook. Sometimes it just takes getting out in the world, listening to some country music on the radio, and taking in the blue sky (even if it's still way too cold out) to turn things around. My mom visited yesterday (hi Mom!) so that was a treat and major help, and tomorrow C is off to "donuts with dad" at school -- she's so excited and I can't wait to hear all about it. :)

Anyway, today is for the parents who might be reading this. Just a little something that I put together that might make you laugh and nod your head. What would you add to this list? Enjoy your day! XO 

You Might Be a Parent to Littles If…

You discover random pictures on your phone taken from the vantage point of someone who is about three feet tall.

You have a favorite Sophia the First episode.

Your Saturday night dinner reservations are at 4:30pm. Somewhere loud. Where they sell grilled cheese.

To your horror, you find yourself saying things like “holy canoli!” and “yikes bikes!” -- even around other adults.

That Justin Bieber song “What Do You Mean?” takes on a whole new meaning (What do you mean, when you nod your head yes but you want to say no… what do you mean?).

You clean everything (and I do mean everything) with baby wipes.

Coffee is life.

You have a fantasy that involves lying in a quiet room by yourself, reading a magazine, and eating bread.

You find yourself “dating” other parents of littles.

The last movie you saw in the theater was animated.

You have a hiding spot where you eat all your snacks.

You rock back and forth when you’re standing in line, even when you’re kid-free.

You count down the minutes until bedtime and then spend an hour looking at pictures of your kid.

You’ve rediscovered childhood favorites like fruit snacks and Goldfish – and damn, Teddy Grahams are good!

You’ve opened all the windows and sang nursery rhymes at the top of your lungs while driving home so your child wouldn’t fall asleep and skip nap.

You would never tell anyone else this, but… your kid is definitely the cutest. :)

You also might be a parent to littles if you've gotten this look before...

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