Girl Chat: Quotes to Live By

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Happy Thursday, friends! 

Today I'm joining the Girl Chat link up with some of my favorite fellow bloggers to share some of the quotes that I live by. If you know me, then you already know I love quotes -- I do, and always have, find these little pieces of advice and wisdom so uplifting, refreshing, and motivating. If you want to check out all of my favorites, you can click over to my Pinterest board "Inspires Me" (and for some funny/blunt quotes, you can also check out my board "So True"). In this space, I'll be sharing some of my very favorites:

On Self-Confidence

I love this one. So often we ask ourselves why me? When the question should really be why not me?

On Letting Go

So simple, yet so profound and healing.


On Staying Grounded

A great reminder when you feel the pressure of the world around you telling you to be this, do that, go there. It helps to recall "the real things."


On Marriage

My very favorite, this one has proven to be true time and time again.


On Being a Good Person, and Good Role Model

Simple, and true. I'm always trying to remember to model what I want my kids to do, to believe, to be.


On True Success

If I could define "success," it would be being kind to others. We can make so much difference simply by being kind.

On Looking Forward

I think one of the vital things we need in life are things -- even just one thing -- to look forward to. It keeps us going, keeps us moving. So trust in that.

What are some quotes that have inspired you? I'd love to know!

Fall Style Secret: Shop Like a Teen

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Well, between this post and my backpack post from last week, it would seem I'm committing to all things fall. And why not? Cooler days are coming (whether I like it or not), so I might as well embrace it. 

So... I have a little secret when it comes to shopping, and I'm ready to share it with you. I still shop at stores meant for teenagers. Like, young teenagers. Like, A&F and American Eagle. I have a few reasons for doing so: 1. I like to pretend I'm not 31 (just kidding, kind of). 2. These stores have continued to evolve their style and always have decent quality (there's a reason I still have a few items from when I was actually a teen). 3. It's usually less expensive than most "grown up" stores. 4. Nobody else you know will likely have what you have (unlike the tunic that everyone bought from the Nordstrom sale, ya know?).

Now that the secret is out, I'm sharing a few of my favorite finds:

Wrap front sweater ($23!)

Tie front shirt dress (obsessed)

Off the shoulder sweatshirt (comfy and cute)

Lace-up sweatshirt (you need to see the back!)

Button front tank (perfect for under cardigans/jackets)

All of these styles are timeless, neutral colors, with unique details which is the perfect recipe for success if you ask me. Have you shopped anywhere that's a flashback for you lately? Any shopping secrets you'd like to share? ;) I'd love to hear!
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