These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Thursday, December 14, 2017

What's on your wish list this year? It sounds so cliche, but I really can't imagine asking for more than I have right now. Does that make sense? I'm just at a place where I feel so lucky and full, and this year I want to focus on giving to others to put a smile on their faces. I'm almost done crossing off my shopping lists, but I have had a few requests from family for my own list. I'm not making a formal one, but here are a few things I love:

+ An expensive-looking, yet inexpensive phone case. 
I'm pretty disappointed that my Rifle Paper Co. case practically shredded to pieces after six months. I usually keep my phone cases for a while and this brand has really stood the test of time in the past! However, since mine is falling apart and I should probably get a new one soon, I love the pretty marble look of this one.

+ A new fragrance.
Admittedly, I'm not a perfume person. I get headaches easily and most scents make that worse, so for every day I wear this (and have been for years!). But recently I was flipping through a Nordstrom catalog that came to the house and one of those little scented perfume ads fell out -- this one. I couldn't stop sniffing it! I even kept it out for a couple of days to see if I still liked it, and I did. So for more special occasions, I think I may have found a new fragrance winner.

+ New makeup brushes.
Mine are so old and falling apart. I'd love to start fresh with these!

+ Instant Pot. 
This is a real stretch but I wouldn't mind trying out one of these! I've been really into using the crockpot at least once a week at our house, especially during these cold months. I've heard the Instant Pot is like a crockpot on steroids. Slow cooked taste in 20 minutes? Sign me up!

+ No-show socks.
Am I the only one who willingly (and excitedly) wishes for socks every Christmas? Where do they all go during the other 11 months of the year? I could use these no-show ones for my sneakers and booties.

+ A beautiful 2018 calendar.
Oh, how I love office supplies. I would own all of the calendars and planners if I could. This one is functional and so pretty, don't you think?

PS - Here are two things I already treated myself to: a cozy new coat (in some crazy twist of events and combination of coupon codes, I got this $200 jacket for $36! It is still half off right now, though) and a book about simplifying

Things You Come to Appreciate When You're 30+

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

I'm not sure if it happened gradually or all at once, but there are certain things I have definitely come to appreciate more as I've gotten older. And maybe it's cliche, but once I turned thirty, these things became crystal clear to me:

+ A quiet waiting room. You mean, I'm forced to sit in a chair and flip through a magazine for fifteen minutes? The. Horror. ;)  

+ A good grocery bagger. Is there anything worse than getting home only to find your eggs and bread crushed by your gallon of milk and bag full of apples? Well, yes, there is. But I have come to appreciate the fine art of bagging groceries and those who have mastered it (and silently curse those who haven't). 

+ Naps. So rare and so beautiful. There is nothing like a couch nap mid-day.

+ Comfort TV. There's a reason the old people you know watch Matlock and Murder She Wrote and other old shows that make them happy. It's comforting and familiar, and my obsession with The Wonder Years and Everybody Loves Raymond understands completely.

+ Staying in. At one point in your life, it's all about what's going on when and where. Once you hit a certain age, it feels good to know where you're going to land every night: the couch, with your favorite blanket, and your favorite comfort tv.

+ A good appliance. There's something about using something (probably every day) that you spent good money on and that works beautifully that is indescribably satisfying. Whether it's a whisper-quite washer or a trash can (this Simple Human one is affordable and life-changing): so nice.

+ Mail that isn't bills. Isn't it nice to get the mail and see a hand written envelope with a return address you recognize among the stack of bills and junk mail? Instant day brightener.

+ Coffee. You thought you needed coffee in your twenties? Ha. Ha ha ha. Whether you prefer 'Bucks or DD, call it jo, java, or a Cup of Hope (like I do)... coffee is now your new best friend.

I realize the common themes of this list -- comfort, quiet, sleep -- might make it seem like life is boring thirty plus, but the truth is it's just the opposite. Life is so often busy, scheduled, and hurried (why do you think time goes so much faster as an adult?) and those simple pleasure can be few and far between... which makes me all the more appreciative for them. 

What do you appreciate now more than ever?

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