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Friday, April 24, 2020

Happy Friday, my friends! I can barely keep track of the days anymore, but I never forget a Friday. I know my opportunities to come to this space have been few and far between in the last several weeks (as I'm sure all of you understand well!), and when I have I've been pretty contemplative. What about you? How are you doing with everything? Hoping you had a week with a lot more ups than downs.

Since we're all spending the vast majority of our time indoors, I know our lounge-wear is getting more use than ever. And, it just so happens that lounge-wear is one of my favorite categories of clothing. ;) So it's working out well (maybe too well) over here!

I've rounded up a few of my favorite comfy clothes and accessories, perfect for working, playing, and doing absolutely nothing at... yep, you guessed it... home.

How cute would the customizable bracelets (supporting a small business and #momboss) be personalized with kiddos names for Mother's Day? Or how about the Mom Off Duty socks and sleep mask? I started wearing a sleep mask after I had Isabelle and it's a game changer for restful sleep. If anyone owns blue-light glasses, I'd love to hear your thoughts about them -- do they really work? With so much time spent staring at screens lately, I feel like they might be worth trying.

Wishing you a comfy, cozy weekend ahead.

Thinking Out Loud | What I Miss & What I'm Grateful For

Friday, April 10, 2020

These are just such strange times, aren't they? It's surreal to think that we are going through something unprecedented right now -- something that we've never, even our parents have never, really weathered before. There are so many things I miss, like:

-Making plans with family and friends
-Hugging my mom
-Getting dinner out on the weekend
-Taking a spontaneous trip to the beach, park, zoo, or home
-Seeing our friends and their kids
-Play dates
-Grabbing coffee without second thought at Starbucks
-Target trips
-Hearing about my kids' days at school

And so much more. Like everybody else, we had plans sprinkled here and there throughout the spring that have, of course, been cancelled. Trivial compared to what so many are going through, but still, these are the things that we look forward to as social beings. I had an annual tea with my mom, dinner at a new restaurant with friends, shopping dates with friends, birthday parties, our yearly beach vacation, bridal showers, and more lined up and most of all I am missing the faces I would have seen at these events. I'm missing the conversation, the closeness, the laughter. I'm absolutely positive you feel the same.

With all that said, and with health on our side, we are able to put things in perspective. Temporary challenges are just that: temporary. Yes, we miss experiences and people -- the details that make life rich and keep it interesting -- but there are so many things that these weeks have made me even more grateful for, like:

-Our health, always
-More time than I would have had with my family all together
-Our comfortable, safe, happy and cozy home
-Our neighbors for checking in on each other and hellos from afar
-Our healthcare workers (was grateful for them before, and now more than ever)
-The workers at essential businesses like grocery stores, pharmacies, government, etc. for keeping our society moving and putting themselves at risk while doing it
-People who are helping, in big and small ways (follow @goodnews_movement on Instagram for some smiles)
-Technology like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet to keep us virtually connected
-Our teachers (I have literally been moved to tears by their dedication to our kids)
-The motivation to check in on people we love
-The reminder about what's really important
-Free shipping
-Plan-free weekends to do all of the truly relaxing things like naps, reading, playing in the yard, walks
-The spring weather which allows us to be outside (a sanity saver)
-Our jobs, which are secure and we can do remotely
-And so, so much more

I wonder often when this will all turn -- when will it feel safe and, even more distant of a thought, "normal" to resume our lives? Speaking of "normal," will there ever be such a thing again? I think there will be, but I do think it will look different. I think the way our society operates in some ways will change, I think there will be economical obstacles to overcome, and on a positive note, I think absence will truly have made the heart grow fonder. We will no longer take for granted the little things like walking the aisles mask-free at our favorite store, or the big things like celebrating weddings and birthdays, gathering for concerts and festivals, and traveling to new places.

Anyway, I just had to get my thoughts out, if that makes sense. I'd love to hear how you're doing and if you're wondering the same things I am. What do you miss? What are you most grateful for? 

Wishing you a happy & healthy weekend. Cheers!

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