Comfy At Home

Friday, April 24, 2020

Happy Friday, my friends! I can barely keep track of the days anymore, but I never forget a Friday. I know my opportunities to come to this space have been few and far between in the last several weeks (as I'm sure all of you understand well!), and when I have I've been pretty contemplative. What about you? How are you doing with everything? Hoping you had a week with a lot more ups than downs.

Since we're all spending the vast majority of our time indoors, I know our lounge-wear is getting more use than ever. And, it just so happens that lounge-wear is one of my favorite categories of clothing. ;) So it's working out well (maybe too well) over here!

I've rounded up a few of my favorite comfy clothes and accessories, perfect for working, playing, and doing absolutely nothing at... yep, you guessed it... home.

How cute would the customizable bracelets (supporting a small business and #momboss) be personalized with kiddos names for Mother's Day? Or how about the Mom Off Duty socks and sleep mask? I started wearing a sleep mask after I had Isabelle and it's a game changer for restful sleep. If anyone owns blue-light glasses, I'd love to hear your thoughts about them -- do they really work? With so much time spent staring at screens lately, I feel like they might be worth trying.

Wishing you a comfy, cozy weekend ahead.


  1. I am loving anything that is tie dye so that sweatshirt would be amazing! Love those slip on shoes


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