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Monday, May 7, 2018

Hello and happy Monday! 

How was your weekend? Ours was good. Lots of yard work -- which these days consists of two small girls (and a pup) running around in their pajamas pulling weeds with their bare hands and looking at worms. I couldn't love it more. :)

I finally got a chance to start reading The Woman in Cabin 10 on Saturday night. So far, so good... although I'm not overly drawn in. There have been many books where I read at least half late into the night, only to devour the rest the next day. This one has a slightly slower pace, at least so far, so we'll see. But I am enjoying it so far.

I also attended a sprinkle for my girlfriend who is expecting twins in June! Everything was adorable and delicious and she looks ridiculously good. I can't believe she'll be going from two to four kids in a month or so! 

Last night we took the girls to a steakhouse/saloon for dinner. They have a train that runs around the ceiling of the dining room and a big room for line dancing, so it's a fun place to take kids. Before we left, we watched a group dancing and when we got home we threw on country music and made up some moves in the family room. It reminded me of a place I used to go sometimes when I was little called Lone Star -- I think they still exist but the location I went to closed a long time ago. Everyone would throw peanuts on the floor and the servers would stop every half hour or so and do a dance.

What's on your menu for the week? Here's ours:

Monday: Kielbasa with cheesy shells and roasted brussel sprouts

Tuesday: Slow cooker "zuppa toscana" soup with garlic bread

Wednesday: Tikka Masala chicken with rice and peas

Thursday: Breakfast for dinner (eggs, tots, sausage patties)

Friday: Pizza with friends

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Mother's Day -- out!

PS - We tried out this recipe (only I used tuna) last week and while the girls wouldn't touch it, Steve and I really liked it.

PPS - I saved a bunch of new, kid friendly recipes onto my "Favorite Recipes" Pinterest board so if you're in need of ideas feel free to check that out!

Have a fantastic start to your week, friends. 


  1. Have you had the zuppa toscana soup yet? I have made some in the past and it is always sooo salty. But I want to make one, so please let me know how it is.

    1. Yes!!! We've used the exact recipe link a bunch of times. It's my husband's favorite meal so it's on rotation at least every other week here! We haven't found it too salty. I do sub the hot italian sausage for sweet italian. Let me know if you try it!

  2. Carrie and Haddie are more than welcome to fly over and weed my garden - Mum props to you for getting them to help! Love the pics of your pregnant friend - she is rocking that dress! Would love to hear how she gets on with the twins (it is always at the back of my mind that if I get pregnant I have a higher probability of having twins, eek). Glad you had a great week-end! J x

    1. Oh, they would LOVE to! It's only starting to get nice weather wise here and they have already been outside barefoot every day with their hands in the dirt. Can't say I hate it (or blame them). :) Doesn't my friend look incredible?! I have another very dear friend who is actually due at the same exact time as this friend with twins, too. I can't wait to see what adventures are in store for both of them! XO


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