A Look Back on January (Picture Heavy!)

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Can you believe January is almost over? The first month of the year flew by, and I'm not complaining because these frigid winter months aren't my favorite... but we're making the most of it so far. I thought I'd share a few highlights from the beginning of 2019:

We kicked off the year by having an appetizers-for-dinner meal, tossing around balloons, doing an early Netflix countdown, and exploding some confetti poppers (see the, um, evidence below) -- I swear we'll be finding confetti until we move out someday.

I celebrated the holidays and cheers'ed to a new year with my wonderful work team.

We did some light reading. ;) (But, really, I did finish one book, The Wife Between Us

We got together for my big brother's birthday and enjoyed cake & good company.

I went to tea with my momma and our friends (and had the yummiest lunch ever).

It snowed! And the girls loved every second of it.

I flew through the second season of Friends From College, YOU on Netflix (so creepy but so good), we watched the FYRE festival documentary, rented The Equalizer 2 (I love Denzel anything), and have been keeping up with The Bachelor, This Is Us, and the new season of Shark Tank. One of the only good parts of winter: good tv! 

We played with friends! 

We attended a benefit at a bakery in my hometown for our dear friends, and it was an amazing success.

We organized! Steve re-oriented our basement (that is mid-reorganization below... those diaper boxes are all outgrown clothes from the girls, yikes!) and I tackled the girls' closets and my own. We have about a million bags ready for donation!

This gorgeous and impy girl turned 2.5. She has her "two" days, but she's mostly super sweet, playful, and cuddly. Love her so very much.

We've had to get creative with indoor play with all of the cold weather, so the other day we built a boat and said we were setting sail for a new land. ;) I sort of wish it was true!

And that brings us to February! We're looking forward to Valentine's Day, Steve's birthday, my mom's birthday, and other family and friend's birthdays -- lots of celebrating to come in the month ahead, and we are here. for. it. 

Hope your January treated you well!


  1. What a great January for you! We have so many bins for packed away kids clothes. That bakery looks cute and I'm glad it was a success.

    1. Thanks Sierra! I'm so glad, too. I'm also glad we're not the only ones with a million bins of clothes! They do come in handy when H moves up to the next size, but storing them is kind of ridiculous!

  2. The one with the babies in helmets brought back memories for me since my girls wore them for 2 months. You guys did a lot in January!!

    1. I didn't know that, Danielle! Hadley wore one for a few months too.


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