Friday Favorites: Lucky Finds

Friday, January 11, 2019

TGIF! This week really felt like the first "normal" one since long before the holidays. I am back to work actively after a nice quiet period in December, preschool's in session, Steve's back to work full force. It's safe to say this weekend is very, very welcomed!

Speaking of, what are your weekend plans? Tomorrow I'm heading to my hometown for a little mother-daughter tea with my mom and her friends/their daughters. It's a tradition we used to uphold every single year, but then life got busy for everyone and we've sort of let it slip, so I'm happy to be picking up where we left off this year! Plus, the place we go is the cutest.

Today, I'm excited for another round of Friday Favorites: Lucky Finds! Here are some things I've been loving:

Guess which billionaire doesn't get her nails done? This one. Love following her IG!

Spotted this cute, starry wrap dress in Target (better in person, trust me!).

I got this book for my mom for Christmas and she's going to lend it to me when she's done... can't wait to read it. Have you?

This homemade meat sauce is a winner! Everyone cleaned their plate.

Are you a digital or paper planner type person? Or don't you use one at all (if that's you, please message me and explain yourself! haha)? This has been my go-to brand for years -- cute, clean layout, and affordable.

And speaking of planning, I know many of you were wanting to try weekly meal planning and this $4 dry erase board would make it so much easier!

Did you watch The Bachelor? Here is Jimmy Kimmel's prediction on who will be the last woman standing (apparently he has accurately predicted 5 out of 6 seasons so far!).

Hope you have a great weekend! 

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  1. I saw the spoilers for this season and I am not watching it, so I won't spoil anything :) But that is cool how he makes predictions and has been accurate so many times. I love that star dress. Definitely want to see it in person.

    1. Ah, thanks! ;) Although I almost always spoil things for myself... what can I say, I don't have much patience! Hahaha. It is crazy how accurate he is. I'll be interested to see if he's right this time around!

  2. The tea sounds like a lovely thing to do! Diary wise definitely a paper person - and this year I've gone small with the diary as to only put the important bits in and not get bogged down (I have an immense one for work instead with a full repeat of all of the hotels events, meetings etc) - so I guess with so much work wise, keeping it simple for home is the way ahead! Do you combine your goals and to-dos and appointments etc in the same planner - or separate it off? J xx

    1. It was really nice! The little place where it is is so cute, I want to move in, haha. That makes sense about your planners -- I'm sure your work one is filled to the brim! I might need to consider dividing them up, too, once C is in school next year. I do combine them right now. ;) xo

  3. That little dry erase board is such a great and easy idea for meal planning, anything to simplify the process! Are you watching this season of the bachelor!? Do you have a favorite yet!?

    1. Right? I'm all about simplifying too.. that way, it's much easier to realistically accomplish! And, I mean, $4! I am watching! My favorite is the Speech Pathologist so far. What about you? Can't wait for tonight!


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