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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Happy Wednesday!

This week started out rough, but here we are midweek and things are going a bit more smoothly. My laptop went haywire on Monday and then Steve's phone broke yesterday, so between us technology has not been kind! Let's hope things are a bit less "exciting" for the rest of the week. :)

I was tagged by the lovely Joanne who blogs over at Europafox to participate in the Sunshine Blogger Awards "11 Things" challenge. We answer 11 questions that the blogger who tags us poses, and I'm honored Joanne thought to include me because I think she is just so smart, thoughtful, worldly and yet down-to-earth. Here's what she asked:

 1.If you had 15 minutes in a super-market sweep to grab what you could, what would it be?
Ooooh, super market sweep! I remember that show! Honestly, I'd probably grab all of my kids favorites first because we all know a hangry toddler/preschooler ain't pretty. So I'd stock up on yogurt ice pops, raisins, goldfish, and all of the fruit. Boring but true! ;)

2.If you could invite 5 people to a diner party (can be from history), who would they be and why?
Such a great question. I'd invite my dad, for sure. He passed away when I was little and I'd love to just talk to him and pick his brain about everything: the current state of the world, parenting, business, etc. I'd also invite my mom, because she's just the best and I'd love to see her and my dad interact. :) Barack Obama would be on the list for obvious reasons, and I think MLK Jr's insight would be so powerful in these times, so let's invite him too. We need a woman to balance this out, so for our fifth guest let's call Ellen. She'd keep us laughing all night long.

3. Describe your ideal party.
It would be outdoors somewhere beautiful (the beach?) in perfect weather, with lots of food and all of my favorite people there. And dancing. Always dancing.

4.What is your favourite Christmas film?
I have a slight obsession with Christmas movies, but I think my all time favorite would have to be The Holiday. I just love it! 

5.If you could institute one global law what would it be?
Oh, this is so hard. There are so many. Perhaps -- education for all. Regardless of race, gender, location, socio-economic status, all children are entitled to an education.

6.If you could belt a tune out on karaoke better than the original artist what would it be and where would you sing it?
Definitely not better than the original artist... so incredibly far from it! But I could belt Adele's "Hello" with some serious soul.

7. If you had to choose between living without make-up for a year or a smart phone for a year what would it be?
No smart phone!  Haha. Make-up would be way easier, but a smart phone would be better for me, I think; almost a relief.

8.Who inspires you most in your day to day life?
My kids. They inspire me to be a better person, to set a good example for them, to think of others first, to be more creative, more playful, more open minded. 

9.If you could pick any epitaph for your life – what would you choose?
Hmm. I first think of the quote from Charles Dickens, "No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another." So, maybe, something along those lines.

10. Who was your first famous crush on?
Oh, this one is easy... and hilarious! Michael Jackson. True story! I would pretend he was pulling me onto stage and write letters to him. Such a 90s kid.

11. Do you have a hair or fashion faux-paux from the past you would like to obliterate with a magic wand, if so what would it be? Photos appreciated haha!
I'm a bit of a wimp with my hair, so it's pretty much always looked the same. But I just came across this photo of me (and my cousin, hi Gina!) in Las Vegas 9 years ago and I am literally wearing a SHIRT as a dress. So there's that. Enjoy! ;)


  1. Haha. I did that before...wearing a shirt as a dress. I love getting to know you more!!!

  2. Hey! Thank you for your lovely comments at the top - you are so kind! I really welled up when I read the part about bringing your Mum and Dad together - that was such a beautiful answer. I love the Dickens quote too - it is too true but I'd never heard that one before - it is quite Gandi-esque! Loved all your answers - and you are rocking the shirt in the photo! What prompted me to ask was I found a box marked '1996' and it was filled with what I can only describe as 'minute lycra' - I didn't know whether to be shocked or impressed. All the Best - Joanne x

    1. LOL, oh that's so funny and I can totally relate! Trust me, if I dug out a box from 1996 (or from 2006 for that matter), it would be a whoooole host of embarrassing pictures. Thanks again for thinking of me! Enjoy your weekend, friend. :)


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