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Monday, February 19, 2018

Did you enjoy your weekend? And do you have off today? Steve does so Monday didn't hit quite as hard this morning. 

This weekend I got to meet one of my dearest friend's new baby, a handsome little peanut named Grant. He was just the sweetest thing. Yesterday we ran Home Depot and Target errands and then ate lunch at a new pizza place by us. I even took an afternoon nap -- so I will call this weekend a win. :)

So, shall we chat? Confession: My day job and life in general has been extra busy and I have so many ideas for this little space but limited time to execute them. I know; excuses, excuses. I could give up sleep but in order to be a nice person and good mom I need that, so... I'll continue doing my best! Thanks for sticking with me.

After last week I'm feeling a little drained. I hate feeling helpless and although I know we're not completely -- there is always room to do something and help somehow -- this just feels like such an incredibly steep uphill battle and in the meantime our babies live in a scary world. But I found this resource to be really helpful: full of tools, ways to take action, and even local meet-ups. I also found this speech so inspiring. I'm sure you've heard it, but if not, check it out.

As always, even in the most frightening times, there are always things to be grateful for whether big or small. Here are a few fun things I've been enjoying lately:

My absolute favorite recent purchase (move over dust buster, which was in first place until this arrived, HA!)! I finally jumped on the letter board band wagon and am so happy I did. This one is double sided (the other side is grey) and came with white and black letters. I am so impressed by the quality and even the packaging was thoughtful and pretty. It currently lives in the playroom. I plan to do a full review on it soon because it's that good and I like that it's made by a small, personal company.

Has anyone else tried these? They come individually packaged and you can grab them at Target. I picked them up the other day as a quick snack and they were so good, and zero calories, which is a lot less calories than my typical snack! 

You know those little things you do - like mini rituals - that are absolutely inconsequential other than they inexplicably make you happy? Well, fun paper straws for my morning iced coffee is one of mine. I like to change them up each season, along with a seasonal mug that hangs out here next to the Keurig. I was cracking up a bit, because Steve usually uses the mug that sits here while I side-eye him because hello it's supposed to be decorative :) ...but for some reason he hasn't touched this one. ;)

And this hair tie for C is just darn cute (another Target find), so I had to share. 


Hoping your week is off to a wonderful, inspired start. XO

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