The Classics (5 Pieces to Take You From Winter to Spring)

Monday, February 26, 2018

It's no secret that I enjoy shopping (mostly filling up my online and IRL carts and then not actually purchasing anything, but you know). ;) But as much as I appreciate, and have always appreciated, keeping up with what's new and interesting in fashion, over the years I have found myself turning to the same several pieces - or types of pieces - in my wardrobe. Here they are, and each is perfect for spring.

I have striped shirts and sweaters that have been in my closet and get worn regularly for well over a decade. I never hesitate in picking up something new with stripes because they've proven to be such a classic staple that can be mixed and matched with almost any pattern (I love them with plaids and florals). 

I'm not a purse person. An expensive or trendy bag doesn't really excite me. But when I first came across these bags, I was sold. I've been using the same crossbody bag for years and it's held up perfectly -- I always get questions about it when I'm out. I love it for running around with the girls since hands free is a must! And my favorite part is that these beauties can be embossed with your initials. They're not cheap, but they're so well made and will last for so many years that it makes it worth the investment (and if you love green, this bag in a bold green is on sale for $100 off).

I picked up my own anorak jacket on a whim off the sale rack about 8 years ago for less than $40 and it's still something I wear almost every day, especially in the transitional seasons of spring and fall. It's just so versatile, casual, and cool. And I hate to say it because #imold but it's just so damn practical. 

These are the best tanks, come in a ton of colors, and are usually on some kind of sale -- right now they're 2 for $14. Why are they so great?  They're a great length, stretchy and soft, wash well, and you can (and will) wear them with everything. I'm actually wearing one as I type this!

I love how these comfy kicks will take you from winter to spring. Everyone who I show them to is sold -- they're affordable and so. comfy. These are the exact style I own (mine are tan).

Everyone has their own version of "classic," which I love. What's yours? Do you have any of these in your closet?


  1. I got tagged by Kristin at Pugs and Pearls and it was super-fun - so I've tagged you on my blog in turn - hope you can get chance to do it! :) Joanne x

    1. Thank you, Joanne! I'll definitely check it out. :) Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. YESSSS to slip on sneakers! I use them basically every season except the frigid cold of winter!

    1. Right?! It's kind of amazing when you can take them from winter to summer! So comfy and so many affordable options!


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