How I (Attempt To) Stay Organized

Thursday, February 15, 2018

I couldn't write today without acknowledging the absolute devastation that occurred in Florida yesterday. Those families are all of us. Those kids are all of our kids. Thoughts and prayers are a given, but now action is required. 


This chapter of my life could be titled "Organized Chaos." Haha, but really... it is so often chaos but in the midst of it all, I try so hard to stay organized. Keeping some sense of order in a season of life that is messy and busy (and oh so fun!) is truly good for my mental health and overall sense of wellbeing. I hope it helps my family in the same way.

Today I'm linking up with some fabulous women to share some ways I (attempt to) stay  organized. You can also reference some other ways from this post.

1. My planner is my holy grail. I'm a good old pen and paper gal, so I always have my trusty planner by my side. I fill out important dates throughout the year (birthdays, major holidays, vacations, etc.) as soon as I get a new planner and then will fill in each monthly calendar as things come up. I also use the daily part of my planner every day to plan the work I need to do for my job, plus every day to-dos like school days, kids' activities, grocery shopping, even a loose cleaning schedule. 
2. All of the bins. Question: Can one ever have too many baskets and bins? Answer: Nope! I use them for everything from toy storage to blanket storage, even to tutu storage in the girls' rooms. My favorite place to find them are not surprising: Homegoods has the best prices and Target has good ones too -- I just found such a pretty basket for our family room on clearance! 

3. Toy storage. One non-negotiable to maintaining sanity in these early stages of motherhood is finding good solutions for storing away toys. If you don't, they will inevitably take over. Every family and house is different, but for us it works to keep the majority of toys on one floor. We keep 90% of toys on the first floor of our house so when we clean up/organize, we don't need to worry about every. single. room. The bedrooms stay clear of toys (except for stuffed animals). Our favorite tools for organization are (bins of course) and: this and this(picking this up at Target today and can't wait!).

What are some ways you stay organized? 


  1. I am all about the toy storage bins too. I love bins and baskets in my house. It is the only way to stay somewhat organized.

    ON another note: I am heartbroken over what happened yesterday :(

    1. Ugh, me too girl. :( Absolutely sick over it.

      I'm such a bin/basket person, too - I feel like I can never have enough. Totally agree.

  2. Right there with you with all the toy bins! My son has a similar bin organizer in his closet and it is so helpful to give everything a place!


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