When You Feel Like A Bad Mom

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Good morning and happy Thursday, beautiful people. On Monday I shared something on my personal Facebook page that really seemed to strike a chord with people -- especially fellow mothers. Several people said they needed to hear the message behind what I wrote (about a true moment that occurred with my four year old daughter) and, so, I thought it might be worth it to share here, as well, in case any of you need to hear it.

I am going to copy & paste exactly what I wrote. For reference, Carrie is my 4 year old and Hadley is my 1 year old. :) If you're in a similar stage of life, I hope that it speaks to you and you start the day feeling like you've got this. Because you do.

by 9:30am i was already thinking to myself, "this is going to be one of those days (weeks) i feel like a bad mom."
i woke up with a work to-do list a mile long. after dropping C off at preschool, picking up our grocery order on the way home and putting said groceries away, i gave into haddie's mickey demands and turned on a show while i answered some emails. my computer crashed -- no access to my email server or word. hadley stuck her hand in my iced coffee, emptied the diaper bag, and put concealer on as lipstick. i gave up on work and tried making some calls for doctor appointments that need to be lined up.
this afternoon after picking up carrie, giving the girls lunch, and putting hadley down for her nap, i once again attempted to answer some emails while carrie played with her legos, asking me to look at her latest creation every 20 seconds. i obliged as often as possible and told her it was the coolest lego train i had ever seen, all while thinking to myself "yep, i'm the worst mom. she's desperate for attention. am i messing it all up?"
that's when she ran over to me and jumped into my arms, giving me one of her "biggest hugs," as she calls them. when she pulled away her eyes were teary, but before i could blame myself, my four year old said "mommy, these are happy tears. because you just make me SO happy!"
so because SHE reminded ME, here's YOUR reminder: whatever your scenario (work at home, work at work, stay at home, some variation of any of those) -- you are enough. you are the best parent your child could ever ask for. you make them happy. you are a superhero to them, even when you're feeling furthest from it yourself.


  1. I remember reading this. So sweet of her to give you that gentle reminder!

  2. It's those little life lessons that are snuck into each day that make life so beautiful <3


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