Five on Friday: Happy Spring (Officially!)

Friday, March 23, 2018

TGIF! This week flew by -- I don't even remember most of it, honestly. We got another snow storm on Wednesday (yes, the first day of Spring -- good one, Mother Nature) so school and then gymnastics were cancelled, but the good news is we got a couple of days with Steve home AND we're all healthy! *Knocking on all of the wood*

Any fun plans for this weekend? On Saturday my in-laws are coming for a visit, which will be fun. I know the girls will love playing with them and it'll be nice to catch up -- plus Steve and I may try to sneak away for a bite to eat or something. Sunday will be groceries and the usual relaxing/catching up.

Here are this Friday's five:

1. Dying Easter eggs. On Sunday I whipped out one of those Easter egg dying kits you get for $2.50 at the store and let C go to town while H was napping. In full disclosure, I had Steve hard boil the eggs because I was pretty sure I'd crack them. It's funny because when I poured the vinegar into the bowls to dissolve the little color tablets, the smell instantly reminded me of my childhood. Who knew the smell of vinegar had such a strong association with Easter in my mind? 

2. My latest Netflix binge. Remember I talked about how Steve and I had just finished up Ozark and I needed a new Netflix binge? Well, I randomly started watching Mad Men (which I know is the oldest news ever) and I was positive I wouldn't like it and here I am a few episodes into Season 2 and looking forward to it each night. There's just something fascinating about peering into another era, ya know? Have you watched Mad Men?

3. A yummy new snack. I grabbed these on a whim at Target and they are reallllly good. It satisfies the sweet tooth and is really good with my afternoon coffee. ;) I've been breaking the bar in half and giving half to C, too, for a special treat. She devours them!

4. Surprising the girls. We surprised the girls Thursday morning by telling them Steve had taken the day off work and we were headed to our local children's museum for some fun. We hadn't been there since H was a tiny baby so she had never been able to truly enjoy it -- and everything was 100x more fun with the two girls playing side by side! Sometimes it's nice to just be a little spontaneous, break from routine, and enjoy life (especially after the longest winter ever!).

5. Old Navy finds. I had a couple of returns to do at Old Navy this morning and found a few new things before all was said and done. Give me all of the spring things! Here's my favorite thing I took home:

Striped swing dress: so comfy, versatile, and $15! I usually size down in ON dresses, FYI. 

I also grabbed these flip flops for $2 (because who can have too many flip flops and, hi, two dollars), these linen shorts ($15), a shirt for C and a shirt for H that I can't find online, and these glitter jellies for H -- these are a staple every year! 

Also, fun story: H is at a really fun age for shopping and, boy, did we have an eventful morning! In Old Navy she was taking off her boots and socks repeatedly and chucking them across the store, I finally gave her my phone with a baby game on it and she threw it about 3 times before it skidded underneath one of the displays. I had to lay on my stomach in the middle of Old Navy fishing it out with a plastic hanger, folks. Then I ran into the dressing room for two seconds to try on that swing dress and let her out of the stroller thinking she could stretch her legs for a minute -- she went running full force at the dressing room door, body slamming it and flinging it open to the public while I stood there without any clothes on. Thanks, kid! ;)

And with that -- wishing you a wonderful, sunny weekend! XO


  1. Oh my. I am laughing at the dressing room story. I am so sorry that happened. I would have been mortified. I am not sure if I will do the vinegar or cool whip option for dying eggs this year. Loving all the Old Navy finds. I really need to get those bars. They sound really good.

    1. It's always an adventure with toddlers! ;) If you try the cool whip with the eggs, let me know -- that looked like a really cool way to do it (no pun intended, haha). Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh my gosh - we loved Mad Men! Definitely an era I wish I could visit!

    1. Same here! It's all fascinating to me -- the dress, pastimes, mannerisms. It's keeping me interested!

  3. Haha - I love that story! Maybe H is going to be in the PD and is in practice for when she has to bust loads of doors down? Love the eggs - the bright colours look amazing! I'm def going to hunt for those Kashi bars too as I love anything like that (esp a healthy treat for that mid afternoon pick me up). Hope you got that time off just the two of you that you mentioned (the burger looked yummy on Instagram so hopefully you did!) Love Mad Men but watched only first season AGES ago so that could def fill a Netflix gap - great writing and loved the style. Jx

    1. Hahaha... now there's a silver lining! She's simply practicing to be on a SWAT team! ;) Love it, too funny. My personal favorite part was laying flat on my stomach in the middle of the store fishing under the racks with a hanger. Never a dull moment! Thanks so much, we did get to enjoy those burgers just the two of us -- just what we needed. :) Definitely give Mad Men another spin if you're in a Netflix dry spell... it's intriguing somehow!


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