Sister Snapshot: March 2018

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The girls (will I ever call them anything else? I hope not. :)) are growing and changing so quickly I can't seem to catch up. I find myself wanting to record things they say or do a million times a day, and of course that's not realistic. I know I won't remember everything but I really hope I remember a lot of the funny, sweet, sometimes even not-so-sweet things that come out of these days. 

Like right now, at this very minute, I'm typing this outside on our back patio while the girls play in the yard together. Hadley lost sight of Carrington for a minute and started yelling "sissy! sissy!" and Carrie called back, "Haddie, I'm over here!" Hadley spotted her and went running, "Hi Sissy! Hi!" Just so simple, but so demonstrative of their unique, close relationship. {{Edit: I am posting this the day after I wrote it, and it is now snowing. What is happening?}}

Anyway! I thought I'd record a few things they've said or done lately that I especially want to remember. Here's a little snapshot of the girls in March 2018 (aka the longest month e v e r ). 

Carrington Elle (4 years, 4 months)

-Talks all day long and I (mostly) love it. 

-Loves pink (still).

-Sometimes mispronounces some words and phrases and I have no intention of correcting her, like: "You fell me down!" instead of "You knocked me down" ...that type of thing.

-Tells us she loves us all the time and other various melt-your-heart things like "I want to keep my family forever, we're best friends and we have the best family in the world!" She really has such a caring heart.

-Adores her little sister and hates when she gets hurt or cries. She sings to her, can't wait to see her first thing in the morning, and hugs her all day long. (She also is not pleased when Hadley goes Godzilla baby and knocks over toys, don't get me wrong, but for the most part she's very patient and sweet with her).

-Loves playing pretend, dressing up, and princesses.

-Loves building and is really good at constructing all sorts of contraptions out of legos, magnet tiles, blocks, etc.

-Obsessed with gymnastics (perfect fit for her monkey-self), and just started soccer.

-Says "actually" and "you know" all the time, which makes us laugh.

-Funny (kind of sad) story: A month or so ago we had a couple of ants finding their way into our master bathroom. At first she'd freak out when she saw one, so in order to avoid that we reassured her, "Ants don't hurt us! They're our friends!" (Bad idea). So she started referring to any ant that she saw as "My friend Anty." Well, we discovered way too many ants in the bathtub one day and had to spray -- Steve told the girls to stay away from the bathtub because there was poison. She came in the next day and was like, "Mom, what are all those black dots in the bathtub? Are those ants? Why aren't they moving? Are they... DEAD?! But, mom, they're anty's family! They don't hurt us! WHY IS THE BATHTUB FILLED WITH POISON?!" Yeahhh, that was fun to explain. ;) 

Hadley Kate (1 year, 8 months)

-Her vocabulary is really picking up! She tries to repeat everything we say.

-I love that for any word she can't pronounce, she just says "puppy." Example: Me- "Hadley, say flower." Hadley- "Puppy!"

-Still obsessed with babies and animals. She'll go right up to a baby and say "Hi baby!" as if she's so much bigger.

-Loves Mickey with a passion. Every morning the first thing she does is grabs the remote, gives it to me, and begs  "Mimi! Mimi!" 

-Getting to be a picky little eater -- hopefully just a phase -- but will eat all of the cheese, all day long (like her momma, haha).

-Speaking of cheese, the first thing she does when she sees a phone/camera come out is smile and say "Cheeee!"

-Has zero fear, which in turn gives her parents all of the fear.

-Eyes are a dark green with some hints of brown mixing in.

-She's doing a mommy & me dance class and will not sit still, but loves the music!

-She's a daddy's girl. She lights up when she sees daddy, strokes his face, and gives him hugs and kisses.


  1. This is sooo sweet. I need to record more of these memories of my girls too.

    1. Thanks! <3 It's impossible to record everything, but I don't want to forget about all of it, you know?!


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