Thoughts for Thursday: Lately

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Nothing will make a week fly by faster than having to catch an 8:30am flight on Friday morning. On top of packing, shopping, prepping the house, matron of honor speech writing, and last minute travel to-dos, we also managed to pack in a bunch of other stuff this week.

+ We headed to my hometown's annual street fair (fun fact: it's the largest street fair in Pennsylvania) with my mom. I've gone every year since I was a little kid, except for last year when Hadley was brand new. It's fun to bring the girls now -- there's nothing quite like seeing Carrie's eyes light up on the carousel or eating junk food in the middle of Main Street. When I was in school, they'd give us a half day during fair week and we'd all walk down to eat french fries and sit on rides with cute boys. It still kind of kicks off the fall season for me!

+ I grabbed a drink (and by a drink, I mean a large iced coffee because mom life) with a couple of friends last night to say "see you later" to a girlfriend who is moving to TX. I'll miss you, Annie! (PS - I picked up this cute mug for her as a little parting gift.)

+ I've been thinking a lot about the massive devastation in Puerto Rico. Do you know that almost half of Americans didn't know Puerto Rico's residents are American citizens? If you've found good ways to help, let me know.

+ I have been binge watching Friday Night Lights for about a month and then they announced they're taking the show off of Netflix 10/1! So I basically have one night to finish a little more than half of the last season. But, man, the show is good. So good that I haven't even caught up on the season premier of This Is Us yet. I heard that they reveal a big hint as to how Jack dies during the first episode, which means I'll definitely need to stock up on more tissues before watching. Sigh.

+ I used a gift card from my birthday (thanks Ash!) to get a gel manicure for the wedding and I forgot how much I love getting one. Gel is the only way to go as a parent, as far as I'm concerned. These things are indestructible! ;) In all seriousness, getting my nails done regularly isn't a priority for me BUT it is kind of amazing how put together it makes me feel. 

Well, off to pick up contacts at the eye doctor, drop Steve off at the auto service place, pack our carry on bags, and head to back-to-school night at C's preschool. I won't be back until after the wedding -- can't wait to share pictures! Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. They are taking Friday Night Lights off Netflix? Boo I was just going to start it now that I am finishing Bloodline who has the coach in it as well. I am so sad. I can't wait to see your photos from the wedding. You crammed a lot in while getting ready to go!!!

    1. Yes... so sad! I am tired but ready (I think!). Can't wait to share some photos. :) Have a great weekend!


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