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Friday, September 1, 2017

Happy Friday & Happy September! 

I can't believe summer is coming to an end. Proof of my denial: I dressed both kids and myself in full on summer outfits this morning -- shorts and t-shirts for C and me, and a sleeveless romper for H. I ran outside to drop something in the mailbox and BRRR. It was chilly. Came back in with goosebumps and promptly changed all of us into more appropriate clothes, ha! I'm such a summer girl, but if I had to choose, fall is a close second. I guess it's time to get excited about sweatshirt weather.

Here are five things on my mind as we close out the week:

+ The devastation in Houston has been incomprehensible. The loss of lives, of homes and personal possessions that hold so much meaning, of business -- it makes my heart ache. Like most others I know, I've been eager to know the best ways to help from afar. I've seen videos of volunteers sorting through mountains and mountains of clothing, food, baby supplies, and so much more. So many organizations, both large and small, have been receiving so much support, monetary and otherwise. We personally chose to donate to the Red Cross (it's as easy as texting HARVEY to 909-99) and I'd like to also donate to their local SPCA. Amidst the tragedy, it is heartening to witness help coming from all over the country, and world.

+ My sweet friend Hillary (hi Hil!) has been such a wonderful supporter of this little space, and she recently sent me a really excellent idea to share with you all. There are so many places deeply discounting their school supplies (Target, Walmart... and there's always the dollar store!). Hillary thought that a great way to take advantage of these sales would be to scoop up some leftover supplies for those in need. Teachers can only provide so much, and I've seen many parents talking about their long list of "to buy" school supplies. I feel for these families -- it can seem a bit over the top sometimes! But Hillary reminded me that there will always be kids who don't have a thing to their name on the first day of school. More kids than we realize, I think. Why not share extra school supplies with teachers, counselors, and other adults posted at the school in case they come across a kid in need? I absolutely love this idea and Hillary's caring heart. 

+ Are you planning on checking out any Labor Day sales? To be honest, I'm not that impressed with some of them! I think you can find better sales year round on things like clothing. But JCrew Factory is always a favorite and is running 50% off this weekend. Old Navy and Gap are also running pretty good sales -- 50% off most things with an extra 20% on top of that. My (and C's) favorite tutu dresses at Old Navy are only $8! 

+ At the end of this month, C and I are headed off on a "Mommy/Carrie" adventure to North Carolina! She is the flower girl and I'm the Matron of Honor in my cousin's wedding. So much fun! But I'm also pretty nervous. This will be her first time on a plane, and I haven't been on one in five years. Any tips or tricks for flying with an almost four year old? It's a quick flight but I still want to make everything as easy as possible for us! Please share!

+ I have been on a KICK this week making some different dinners for a change. Nothing fancy in the least (or particularly healthy) -- ha, I should have my own cookbook, right?! ;) But super sometimes easy and somewhat balanced is the name of the game around here. Here's what was on our menu this past week:

MONDAY: Leftover pizza and salad (we had friends over on a play date so we had delicious leftovers from the night before -- a kid pleaser, for sure)

TUESDAY: Breakfast for dinner (scrambled eggs with a bit of cheese, tater tots, and bacon)

WEDNESDAY: Baked potatoes with cheese, broccoli, and leftover bacon crumbled on top

THURSDAY: Garlic pasta with roasted brussels sprouts

FRIDAY: Taco night! Beef tacos, rice, and corn on the cob

SATURDAY: Grilled steaks with cheesy cauliflower mash (My first time making this -- I'll let you know how it is!)

I'm shocked we got through the week with no chicken, but sometimes it's nice to switch things up. Did you have anything tasty on the menu?

Have a wonderful long weekend, friends!


  1. I am going to hit up the J Crew sale too, but other than that, I am not that impressed with the sales. I love breakfast for dinner. definitely a favorite. Have so much fun on your adventure! And also have a great weekend!

    1. Same, especially for adult clothes. I might be weak when it comes to the kids. :) I love breakfast for dinner too -- comfort food! Enjoy your long weekend!!

  2. yum now i want to make loaded baked potatoes next week! xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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