Five on Friday: 5 Fall Basics

Friday, September 22, 2017

Happy Autumn, officially! 

It's in the mid-80s here in NJ, but the house is all fall-ified (making it a thing) and I've had more than a few pumpkin spice coffees, so... we'll just pretend the air is crisp. :)

Today I wanted to share 5 pieces of clothing I've purchased so far for fall. Here are a few things about shopping these days: 1. Most of the time it's for the girls, but I realized I deserve to feel/look put together occasionally too ;) and to not wear stretched out sweaters from my college days. Most of my old clothes actually don't fit me well anymore since my body changed so much after having kids. 2. I love fashionable yet impractical dresses, skirts, shoes, you name it (and I do mean love) -- but for every day, I need to focus on spending my money on pieces I will actually wear often. They need to be comfortable but also cute. 3. Speaking of spending, there are enough expenses with two small kids without breaking the bank on said pieces of clothes. Luckily, there are many inexpensive yet quality places to shop and most stores run great sales often. 

With all that said, here is the wrinkliest clothing photo you've ever seen:

1. Sweatshirt with tie. Love this for cooler temps, and love the tie detail. I bought this during the Nordstrom anniversary sale for $29, and it's actually on sale now too! Size down (way down) -- I got an xxs petite.

2. Dark skinny jeans (with stretch waistband!). I have sung the praises of these jeans before -- another anniversary sale purchase so I got them for around $40. The stretch waist band is life changing. Keep an eye out for a sale!

3. Green top with crochet detail. This was a Target find and I've already worn it more than I care to admit.

4. Three quarter sleeve twist top. I just bought this yesterday at TJ Maxx (another great place for quality + great prices) and can't wait to wear it. So comfortable and I love the twist detail at the bottom. I linked a similar top, though a bit more pricey.

5. Peplum hem t-shirt. Another Target steal that is so. comfortable. I can picture throwing this on with jeans (or even shorts) now, and layering a sweater over it during the winter. Another one I couldn't find to link, but linked a similar style. Take a look in-store at Target for this one, though - you can't beat the $15 price tag!

So there you have it! Five fall basics that you'll wear non-stop until it's borderline unacceptable. Notice that each piece has something unique about it. That's what I love! It's all in the details. ;) Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. Just found your blog through the linkup! It's so cute. Also loving those tops and totally cracking up at that meme- glad I'm not the only one who does that ;)

    1. Hi Kate! Thanks for stopping by. :) Isn't that meme so funny and true?! Ha! Hope you're having a great weekend!

  2. I am loving everything tie right now. That sweatshirt looks so comfy.

    1. Meeee too! I love how little details can make even something ultra basic feel fashionable.


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