(Long) Weekending

Monday, September 4, 2017

Hello! Are you enjoying your long weekend? We are so far. We did taco night on Friday followed by a family swim. It was H's first time in a big pool and she was not impressed initially, but warmed up after about 10 minutes. C had a blast -- she's such a fish! Saturday was wet and chilly so we made blanket forts, went grocery shopping, and Steve grilled steaks out in the rain... ha! Yesterday afternoon we headed to the boardwalk to meet up with some friends, eat greasy food and go on a few rides. It was both girls' first time on the ferris wheel -- so much fun!

By the way, do you know the history of Labor Day? I didn't, which is kind of silly considering it's something we "celebrate" with days off and barbecues every year, so I looked it up. Here ya go, if you're interested.

I made the twice-baked cauliflower dish on Saturday. It was... okay. ;) 

If you have a Lord & Taylor nearby and you happen to be on the market for boots/booties, please run there right this minute. They have a big selection that are 75% off the original price -- and then you can use the current savings pass for an additional 25% off. For example, I tried on a pair of Vince Camuto booties that were originally $150, so with all sales included, they'd come down to about $27. Insert all of the wide-eyed emojis here. 

I took advantage of the sales at Gap, Old Navy, Target, and H&M to grab a few fall things for the girls. Cat & Jack (one of our favorite playwear lines!) is 20% off, so I got some leggings for Hadley for $4 each. Favorites from Old Navy were coordinating tutu dresses for $10 -- these are the best because C feels fancy but they're also comfy and practical. I have a thing about dressing kids like kids, know what I mean? H&M had 2-packs of long sleeve shirts for $7! Don't mind if I do.

Next up on our house project list is replacing the light in our foyer. Oh, friends, the current one is a beaut: A single white globe hanging form a brass chain. Here's the one I've been eyeing along with a flush mount for above our stairs. What do you think?

One last thing: you can find me on Instagram @jenpadrontucker. Since I mostly share photos of my kids, I like to keep my account private. But if you'd like to connect there, please send a request my way!


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    1. Thank you, Regine! I hope you had a great weekend. :)

  2. Thank you for all the sale info. Sounds like you had a good weekend!!! I requested to follow you on IG.

    1. Of course! The JCrew Factory sale is still going on, apparently, so I am sitting staring at my cart. Decisions... haha. Just accepted your request. :)


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