Thoughts for Thursday: Let's Talk

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Is it just me, or does the end of summer signal a sudden time warp in which the already fast weeks begin to fly by even faster? This is not the time to go quickly, weeks! (Great, I am yelling at weeks now). I want to slow everything down so we can enjoy the hot days splashing in the water, the warm nights eating ice pops in the yard, the relaxed routines. But alas, here we are on Thursday in the middle of August, and I'm linking up with some of my personal favorite blogs to share some light-hearted Thursday thoughts. I'm calling this the "Let's talk" edition. Feel free to chime in, since nobody likes a one-sided conversation!

+ Let's talk about resilience. I have been so intrigued by this topic lately and have read a couple of articles I thought were really interesting, particularly related to helping our kids become more resilient (a key trait for success, happiness... all of those good things). I have a whole post planned around this topic, so be on the lookout for that. In the meantime, has anyone read Sheryl Sandberg's newest book Option B? I would love to hear your thoughts, if you have!

+ Let's talk about extracurriculars. Since I stay home with the girls, I've found a lot of value in getting involved with a couple of "extracurricular" activities. It allows them to interact with other kids their age, typically learn some type of skill, almost always get exercise, and learn to listen to direction from adults other than their parents. Let's not forget that it allows me to talk to other adult humans for an hour or so, which never hurts. ;) Carrie began dance classes shortly before she turned two, and we just made a big switch for this year, swapping ballet for gymnastics. We had her trial class this morning and she loved it, so she's all signed up for the fall! I'm excited to see how she grows in a new activity and environment. Hadley is still little, but I plan to take her to the free story times offered by our local library this fall while C is in school. 

+ Let's talk about having a third baby. After you have a child, you are safe for pretty much a day or so until the question comes: "So, do you plan to have more?" I was actually asked this question as I lay mostly immobile in a hospital bed after giving birth to Hadley! To be fair, I've certainly asked friends of mine the same thing (hopefully much better timed and when I felt the question was welcomed) and I also consider myself a pretty open book. So, do we plan to have another baby? Here's the honest answer: I have no idea. We always said we'd like 2-3 kids, and here we are. Truthfully, it doesn't feel as if anybody's missing. I can see moving forward with our life with two daughters. But it also doesn't feel impossible, and you know what that quote says: when nothing's sure, everything's possible. 

+ Let's talk about dinner. Everyone's favorite question: what's for dinner? We seem to be in a bit of a meal rut lately. Steve and I make the same meal for the whole family so sometimes it can be challenging to find something that we all enjoy (and that is somewhat healthy -- because we all definitely enjoy Chipotle, but taco bowls + chips every night probably wouldn't serve any of us well). Here are a few recipes that have been a hit with each of us:

Slow Cooker Italian Beef Hoagies - just add chips or a salad

Cherry Glazed Ham - perfect for company but easy enough for whenever

Deconstructed Cabbage Bowls - hidden veggies galore

One Pan Honey Garlic Chicken w/ Veggies - one pan to clean? sign me up

You can also check out my Pinterest "Favorite Recipes" page for ideas! And please share any favorites you've found with me -- I could really use them. :)

+ Let's talk about a new read. My wonderful friend and fellow mama, Sophia, just launched her own blog "The Unadorned Life" -- go check it out if you have a minute. She's so genuine, talented, and full of great ideas about parenting and more. Congrats, Soph!


  1. Thank you for the meal suggestions. We have been in a meal rut lately and I want to try those hoagies! I get asked about a third baby all the time and my thoughts go back and forth a lot too. I love all the activities you do with your kids. That is healthy and I wish I had more time to do more with my girls too. I do try to do a lot with them on the weekends though!

    1. Ugh, same with the rut! We'll do pretty good for a while and then all of the sudden find ourselves in the same rotation of 4 blah things. The hoagies are my husband's fave. ;) I'm sure you live up every moment with your girls! How lucky are they! <3


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