The Advice I Didn't Know I Needed

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

We've all had them: Those moments of clarity that seem to make everything suddenly make sense and propel us forward, sometimes after a long time of standing still. I've had a few of these "Aha!" moments throughout my life and they've always signaled a sort of shift in mindset and proceeded big change. 

The most recent was coming across the exact advice I didn't know I needed. I had been dreaming up the blog for quite sometime but kept returning to doubts about whether it was even worth it to move forward when the blogging world had exploded so much and, seemingly, there were a million other people like me out there but with more experience, better cameras, and perfectly styled everything. Even though it was something I truly felt I was meant to do, I'd think, why me? What do I have to offer that isn't already out there? 

And then I stumbled across advice which I interpreted to mean: 

There is no one already out there offering the world exactly what you have to offer.

I know how simple and obvious this seems, but take a while to really let those words sink in. There might be countless other people out there doing what you do (writers, artists, researchers, designers, entrepreneurs, whatever it is), but not one of them is going to have your exact voice or perspective. If you think that voice is important -- and you should -- then you owe it to yourself and to the rest of us to let it be heard. 

Hopefully you've already figured this out. But with three decades on the planet and what I thought was a decent amount of confidence, I hadn't ever thought about it like that. All of the "buts," and the "what ifs," and the doubts had overshadowed that truth. 

If you don't go out there and begin, if you don't put what you uniquely have to offer into the world... nobody ever will. And nobody has already. 

What's one thing you've been waiting to begin?


  1. Just came across this today! Love this post! I just started a blog and those exact thoughts were running across my mind too. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Hi Rebecca! So glad you visited. :) And I'm so glad it was helpful -- I know they were words that I needed to hear, for sure. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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