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Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday has always been my favorite day of the week. The week is behind you, the weekend is ahead of you... anything can happen. Or, if you're a parent, you pretty much know exactly what will happen: Target run, about ten coffee runs, playgrounds, mow the lawn, repeat. ;) In any case, Fridays are wonderful.

What are you up to this weekend? We're going to a birthday party on Saturday (happy 3rd, Wes!) and plan to see family, and on Sunday C has her swimming lessons. 

Here were a few favorite moments of the week:

one // We've been asking Carrie what she wants to be when she grows up a lot lately. She usually says a doctor, sometimes a nurse, lately a mommy, and the other night her response was "an animal." ;) But the other day while we were snuggling she looked at me and asked earnestly "Mom, what do you want to be when you grow up?" Man, what a great question. How often do we get asked this as adults? It was so refreshing. And, honestly, I didn't know the answer. What would you say? Is it what you're doing now? 

two // This actually happened last Friday, but I had to include it because it's such a great reminder. My friend and I had our kids at the splash pad and Hadley was desperate to try it out, so I suited her up and we went in. Not surprisingly, she loved it and bravely stomped her little feet in the water and dipped her bucket into the fountain to try to fill it. (In contrast, Carrie hated the splash pad as a baby!) Later when we were at home, my friend texted me a couple of pictures that she had taken of us saying "I snapped these of H's first splash pad experience since you were chasing her around!" She had taken them since she knew I didn't have my phone on me and what a great idea, right?! It's not uncommon for us to be running around with the kids and unable to document the moments we are actually a part of. I just thought it was so thoughtful and a great reminder for me to do the same for my momma friends. Thanks, Ash! 

three // I'm sure by now you've heard of Halo Top ice cream, but if you haven't, trust me when I say it's worth running to the store to grab a pint. Most entire pints are under 300 calories and it typically takes me a week to finish one -- I have a little bowl each night after dinner and it's so creamy and flavorful that it satisfies my sweet tooth without being really unhealthy. Here's my current stash (I don't do anything halfway, do I? At least not when it comes to food). Oatmeal cookie is so good. 

four // Something else I'm loving from this week is this new pair of jeans I bought during Nordstrom's anniversary sale. They were around $44 during the sale and I know I'll wear them all fall and winter (Literally. Probably almost every day.) and the best part? They have a built in elastic waist band. I am not ashamed to say that I am a big advocate for normalizing the elastic waist band (they are not just for toddlers/senior citizens/active wear) -- anyone who knows me in real life knows my love for maternity clothes for this very reason. :) But, seriously, if you're in need of a new pair of jeans that are comfortable and cute, check out this pair by Wit & Wisdom. 

five // "Your little everyday joys all lined up in a row." Yes. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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