Thoughts for Thursday: 30 Things

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Today I'm linking up with a few of my personal favorite bloggers for Thoughts for Thursday. 

Circa 2015, Almond Photography. C was so small - my heart!

Since this little space is still new and many of you might not know me well (or at all), I thought I'd share 30 things about me; the serious, the funny, the strange... you name it. I'd love if you shared something about yourself in the comments so I can get to know you a little better, too.

+ I'm a popcorn addict. Literally cannot be around a bag of boom chicka pop without demolishing it within a day or two.

+ I've never gone on a diet.

+ My dad immigrated to the US from Cuba when he was six years old. 

+ I have been writing ever since I can remember and have kept journals since the third grade. I still have them.

+ My not-so-secret talent is naming cars. Just ask my friends.

+ I have a really bad habit of snacking in bed at night. Sorry for the crumbs, babe.

+ I got engaged at 21, married at 22.

+ My biggest fear used to be death, and now it's something happening to my kids.

+ I hate scary movies.

+ Sometimes I watch QVC at night to relax. (So weird)

+ I've lived in 7 cities and 3 states.

+ Julianne Moore signed a book for C (fun fact: she has a family member named Carrington) and told me she liked my dress. Life made. I've also met Snooki and Theresa from RHONJ (A list celebs, I know) and the actual Auntie Anne, founder of Auntie Anne's Pretzels.

+ My first kiss was at a public pool. My first kiss with Steve was on an Amish farm.

+ My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. My family takes it and its related traditions very seriously -- I scheduled C's birth for the day after Thanksgiving so I wouldn't miss it, and my cousin got engaged on Thanksgiving a couple of years ago. 

+ I helped to develop an Events Planning course in college.

+ I tear up whenever an ambulance passes by. 

+ I gave birth to both of my babies via c-section (breech baby + repeat C) and the same doctor delivered both.

+ I've gone cliff jumping in the pouring rain.

+ My favorite color is red. 

+ I keep voicemails and texts from family members who have passed away. My family experienced a lot of loss in the past couple of years, so this collection is getting a little excessive/borderline creepy. Oh well!

+ My favorite meal is eggplant parmesan. 

+ I never drank coffee prior to having kids. Now I drink at least a cup a day. I call it a "cup of hope." :)

+ I feel most at home in the country, most at peace by the water, and most alive in the city. So... I live in the suburbs. ;)

+ For Steve's 25th birthday I got him a helicopter lesson and he got to fly it around Philly.

+ My favorite season is summer.

+ I carried my dad's red handkerchief around the stems of my bouquet on our wedding day as a way to have him with me as I walked down the aisle, and also because red is considered a lucky color in Cuban tradition.

+ I don't like wine.

+ Quality time is my love language.

+ Pet peeve: when people don't courtesy wave in traffic.

+ I was going to be named Caroline or Kimberly. Jennifer was a last minute call.

How's that for randomness? Would love to read more about you in the comments! Happy Friday Eve, friends. 


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