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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Happy Tuesday! How's your week treating you so far? It's been quiet around here, and I apologize for that. I've been wrapping up some work for 2018 and trying to really just focus on time spent enjoying the season with my family, so I haven't been wanting to force posts to go live in this space "just because." Instead, I've been dreaming up visions for 2019 -- where I want The Lucky Lifestyle and what it represents to go, who I want it to reach, and what I really want to accomplish with it.

Anyway! Thought I'd pop in with an update about what we've been up to lately, what's on this week's menu, and a few things on my own personal holiday wish list (really and truly, I want for nothing but my husband is adamantly requesting my wish list and just asked if I've posted one on the blog... so below are a couple of stocking ideas, babe. Haha) 

This past weekend we did a lot of catching up at home, playing, and sorting through things to give away. I finally tackled our donation pile -- just need to add a few toys and books and we'll get our pickup scheduled! On Saturday night we headed to a bounce place for our sweet little friend's 5th birthday party, and on Sunday we had one of our favorite family dates: dinner at Zinburger, followed by Barnes & Noble. The shopping center puts up a huge tree during the holidays every year, and the girls love it!

Yesterday I picked up my new planner for 2019. I get this brand every year because the layout just works for me. Please tell me there is someone else out there that gets just as excited for all of those blank calendars and spaces?! I will always love a good old paper planner. 

Last night the firetruck came around the neighborhood with Santa Claus aboard, tossing candy canes out the windows for all the kids. Does your neighborhood do that? The girls were SO excited, we waited in the freezing cold for at least a half an hour, haha! As a little thank you for the brave people in our fire department, we baked cookies this morning and plan to deliver them to the station after school. 

On to this week's menu:

Monday - Beef & wild rice casserole, with caesar salad (this was super easy and a hit with all members of the family, btw!)

Tuesday - Eggs & oven roasted red potatoes

Wednesday - Tacos, with rice and corn

Thursday - Chicken (Morningstar) nuggets with waffles fries

Friday - Leftovers

Saturday - Out

Sunday - Kielbasa, with mac & cheese and peas

My Holiday Wish List

I just updated my phone and it's case-less, so I'd love the same case I had for my last phone because it worked so well (and is a great price!).

I've been wanting brown boots for years, and LOVE these.

I'd love this marker-board to use for our weekly menus.

I need new blush, and love this brand -- this one looks great.

I've been craving a new book, so a Barnes & Noble gift card would be wonderful.

I am obsessed with the entire celestial line of jewelry at Madewell, especially this.

What's on your wish list this year? I love shopping more than most people you probably know, but this year I just have this incredibly overwhelming feeling of... gratefulness. I am endlessly grateful for our warm home and my healthy family, and it just doesn't leave room for a lot of other "wants." Keeping it simple this year!

Hope you have a wonderful day! 


  1. I love how your neighborhood has a fire truck that comes by and throws out candy canes. My girls would love that. We don't have that. I can't wait to check out the wild rice and beef recipe. I hope my girls like it as much as yours did.

    1. It's such a cute little tradition! Definitely let me know if you try it. It couldn't have been easier and even my husband went back for seconds (sometimes I think he's harder to please than the girls, ha!). ;)

  2. I've had a similar week really - needing to wrap everything up workwise before really getting into the Christmas mood. Are you finished now? I also missed my first wrap up post ever - I think you are right - you have to really 'feel' the post, not just churn them out. Lovely photo of you and the girls. Such a sweet idea from your firemen too - I've never heard of that here. What is Kielbasa by the way? J xx

    1. Exactly, I feel the same way! Thanks so much. The girls had a lot of fun doing it, which was nice to see! Kielbasa is a sausage-type meat, it can be beef or pork. I love to slice it up and cook it on the stove top. :)


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