Tuesday, December 4, 2018

I've heard it said over and over again that men are the hardest to shop for, and I whole-heartedly agree. The funny thing is, they probably care the least too, am I right?! Haha. So why are guys so tricky to pick out presents for?

I put together a little round-up of top gifts that I know my guy would like*. I know every man has different tastes, but this could help some of you out there! *Note: The only gift on this list that Steve would not approve of are the slippers; he refuses to wear them, but I still think they'd make a great gift so I included them!

1. Ray-Bans | Steve has a pair of these and loves them (his are a bit different style but I love this pair too). Sunglasses are obviously an extremely useful gift because, you know, we all go out in the sun. ;) Especially useful for guys who drive a lot or are outside often for sports. Great quality, good price point, and stylish.

2. Slippers | This J.Crew pair is classic. Aside from my picky husband :), you can't go wrong with a well-made pair of slippers for the winter. These also come in black and dark brown.

3. Breakfast Sandwich Maker | OK, so this one isn't a necessity -- but how fun! Maybe for the guy who has everything, or the one who is always grabbing a breakfast sandwich on the road... I think this little contraption would be awesome.

4. Headlamp | I feel like most guys would want to wear this just because, haha. But really, it would probably turn out to be pretty useful! Think about the man who enjoys working on his car, doing projects around the house, etc. I know I've heard Steve say about 39281 times "Can you hold this flashlight?" so I think it would come in handy.

5. Nivea After Shave Cream | I picked this up for Steve last year and he loves it, which says something because he's not at all a "product" guy. I can also attest to the fact that it smells really good!

6. Hot Sauce Sampler Pack | True story: You know those little suggestion cards that restaurants/resorts sometimes give you for customer feedback? On our honeymoon in Mexico, Steve filled one out and his only suggestion was: "Needs more varieties of salsa." LOL. So, yes, I think a salsa or hot sauce sampler would be a good choice.

7. North Face Headband | Another thing that Steve has (and has had for years) and still loves and uses all the time. I think most men would probably prefer something like this to a full blown hat to keep their ears warm. 

8. Starbucks Gift Card | Because, always.

9. Old Navy Flex Dress Pants | These pants are now pretty much exclusively what Steve wears to work (plus a shirt, don't worry) unless he needs to wear a full suit that day. They come in five different colors and are soft and comfortable.

10. Monogrammed Stationary | Most guys don't know they need this, but they do. A nice, classic set of stationary is such a good thing to have on hand for thank you's, business notes, etc. 

11. Yeti Tumbler | You've seen these everywhere, yes, and they're worth the hype. They work, and they are so useful for guys on the go -- in the car, travel, at work, at games, even at home.

12. PS4 Pro | And finally, a large gift idea if you're married to a kid at heart (like me). ;) I mean, any electronic would probably suffice -- a TV, drone. But this year Steve finally upgraded his gaming system to this PS4 Pro and has been enjoying unwinding with it after the kids are in bed. I don't get it, but then again, he doesn't understand why I have like 45 pairs of shoes, so... to each their own. ;)

Hopefully this helped inspire you if you still have some men on your list left to shop for! And, please, if you have any great ideas for guys, I'd love to hear them!


  1. Some great picks!

  2. I agree on the salsa/hot sauces. Rory loves those. I also would love that sandwich maker!!!

    1. Can't go wrong, right?! I think the sandwich maker looks fun!

  3. My husband loves those slippers! In my dream world he would also like his own stationary, but I know when I'm beaten with that! ;)

    1. I'm jealous that your husband will wear slippers! Want to convince mine? :)

  4. A yeti is the perfect way to go!! I had that breakfast sandwich maker. It was the BOMB!

    1. Did you really?! That's awesome! Can't go wrong with Yeti. :)


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