FIVE ON FRIDAY: Read, Watched, Worn, Made & Bought

Friday, December 21, 2018

It's Friday! And not any Friday, but the Friday before Christmas. I can't believe we have only the weekend to go 'til the Christmas Eve and Day festivities begin. I know they will go by so quickly and there's so much excitement with the kids leading up to it, so I'm just trying to really soak it all in as much as possible. Easier said than done sometimes when you have sugared-up preschoolers and toddlers and a mountain of gifts to finish wrapping. ;) But I do feel a peace in my heart despite the sometimes-madness. I hope you do, too.

For today's Five on Friday -- the last post before the holidays -- I thought I'd bring back the "Read, Watched, Worn, Made & Bought" format that some of you seemed to like before. Here we go!

1. Read. I just finally finished Girl, Wash Your Face. I was really skeptical at first (and even partway through, really) but the more I read, the more I liked this book. I'm not usually a big fan of self-help books but I have to admit Rachel's tone is relatable and her energy is infectious. It often feels like you're chatting with your super-motivating BFF, which I'm guessing was just her intention while writing the book. If you feel stuck in a rut and need a push to get going in the New Year, this could be a good book to pick up!

2. Watched. I have three for this category! 

1. Dumplin'. Have any of you watched this new Netflix movie? It's about a teenager whose mom (Jennifer Aniston) heads up a Texas beauty pageant. She's not very close with her mom and has long felt judged/not good enough for her. After she loses her aunt (the mom's sister) who she was very close with, she decides to enter the beauty pageant to fulfill her aunt's dream -- despite not fitting the "typical" beauty pageant stereotype. This film was full of Dolly Parton, a little love story, and a lot of heart and had an overall confidence-building, believe-in-yourself message that was really refreshing.

2. Dirty John. I know a lot of people have listened to this podcast -- if you enjoyed the podcast or enjoy true crime in general, you need to catch this show on Bravo. The acting is really good (love Connie Britton!) and the creepy, based-on-truth storyline will have you all wide-eyed-emoji. 

3. American Meme. I'm in the middle of watching this documentary on Netflix right now, which basically follows a few people who have become rich and famous by being internet sensations and examines the perks and pitfalls of social media. So far, so good! I find this kind of stuff fascinating.

3. Worn. If you need a comfortable, easy-to-wear (and super affordable!) shirt for the holidays, check out your local Target. This peplum-style, thermal shirt is so soft, comfortable, and forgiving. 

4. Made. I haven't made anything too creative lately, with the exception of these cookies, which I've already shared with you. But seriously, if you're bringing dessert to your holiday get-together and need something simple to make, try these! They were the easiest ever, and this coming from a non-baker. ;)

5. Bought. I found these stackable containers at Target the other day and thought they'd be perfect for Barbie storage. They were $5.99 each and the top flaps easily fold out so kids can access what's inside themselves. I like how they could slide under C's bed, too. 

Well, friends, that wraps it up! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends. I'll be popping in later next week with a 2018 Year in Review post. Until then, enjoy every minute you can of these fun and festive next few days!


  1. I have Dumplin on my list on Netflix. I still need to read Girl Wash Your Face. Love those containers! Have a Merry Christmas!

    1. It was a fun little movie I thought! Girl Wash Your Face surprised me. I almost gave up on it but I'm glad I didn't. :)

  2. Dumplin is great - what was interesting was how it got you thinking about the dynamics between the Mum and her daughter - I kind of felt sorry for the Mum as well. Plus getting inside the mind of the main character - what it took for her to find herself and love herself. Great film. Hope you progress with your mountain of wrapping - I am having to do C's late at night when he is in bed? Still sneaking about with it even though the Santa story is over, sob! Enjoy the festive build up - are you hosting at home or with family? J xx

    1. I thought so, too! I love that you still sneak around for C. Why not keep the magic alive even just a little bit, right? :) We went to family's house for Christmas Eve and then hosted Christmas dinner here. What did your family wind up doing? I hope it was a wonderful holiday, friend!

  3. I've heard about Dirty John and it sounds good. Need to watch it soon.
    I don't have Netflix but American Meme sounds really interesting.

    1. Definitely -- Dirty John has my heart racing the entire time! American Meme was interesting and a little sad.


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