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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Hey, all! Are you getting in the holiday spirit? We sure are! I'm counting down the days 'til we decorate the house (t-minus 5!), putting together our advent activities, and wrapping up my shopping (bless

Speaking of shopping, I love perusing gift guides this time of year; there are usually some great ideas that I can "borrow" ;) for the people on my list. I also love checking out personal wish lists, so I thought I'd kick off my series of holiday gift guides by sharing what would be on my own dream wish list this year. 

Shark Stick Vacuum | Our vacuum is a Shark and is 10 years old -- it's slowly falling apart (literally, lol) but it's still kicking and that's not bad for a decade of vacuuming up tons of carpet and Golden Retriever hair! I'd love a lightweight stick vacuum to do our whole house with (the hard wood shows EVERY hair). Right now I use my trusty dust buster and it's killing my back!

Maya Brenner Initials | I already have this necklace in rose gold -- Steve gave it to me the Christmas after Carrington was born with a letter "C" and I adore it. I haven't worn it much, though, because I need to add my other two children to it, so this year I'm wishing for an "H" and an "I" so I have my every day necklace back. :) The company makes it easy to add initials to your existing necklace -- you just order the extra letters and mail your necklace to them. This makes such a special gift!

Patagonia Jacket | I could use a replacement for my old, worn North Face jacket -- something that is perfect for throwing on for doing everyday things in the wintertime. I have heard great things about this jacket and love this pretty green color!

Smallwoods Gift Card | Have you heard of Smallwoods Home? I've loved their products for a while now but was waiting until we had updated family pictures with our newest member to order something. I would love to customize a few photo signs for our stairway wall. This shop offers e-gift cards so the gift recipient can customize their very own sign! Such a cool idea. 

Quay Sunglasses | My current pair of sunglasses is Quay and they're great quality for the price. I've eyed up this pair in "Black Smoke" for a while now. Great reviews, too!

Sperry Winter Boot | My Uggs get so much wear during the winter (long live Uggs), but they're not really meant for the wet weather. I haven't had a true snow boot in a long time and would love these to wear in the rain and snow. The pink sole makes them extra fun!

A massage, though not pictured, would also be welcomed. I'll even take a back scratch from one of the kids at this point! ;) What's on your personal wish list?

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