Monday Coffee Talk | Rainbow Art Birthday Party

Monday, November 25, 2019

Over the weekend we celebrated our almost six-year-old with a rainbows & art birthday party with a few of her closest little girlfriends!

Carrington loves all things rainbow right now. Every day she draws at least 10 different rainbows, and I feel like it just captures this age perfectly: full of color, wonder, and fun. She also draws, paints, or crafts any chance she gets, so I figured -- what would be better than combining her two loves to celebrate who she is right at this moment? 

Sequin skirt from H&M | Hadley's dress from Target

Hanging rainbow decor & smocks from Oriental Trading | Paint sample centerpieces free from Home Depot ;) 

Rainbow balloon from Target | Goodie bags (stuffed with necklaces, party blowers, skittles and multi-colored crayons) from Oriental Trading

Used some of C's own art to decorate (this is maybe one day's worth of rainbow drawings!)

Cookie cake is so underrated. This was $15 and completely polished off within a half hour!

This was one of the easiest parties we've ever thrown for the kids, and yet Steve and I both agreed it was probably our favorite. We knew we wanted something sort of low-key since we have a newborn, so we had an art instructor come to the house and guide the girls through painting their very own canvas. Carrington chose ice cream cones to paint and all of the kids' masterpieces came out so cute! The instructor set up, entertained, and cleaned up and then we just had pizza and cookie cake afterward. We had a few rainbow tablecloths and decorations and I hung C's own art up with multi-colored clothes pins. So. Easy.

Here's to savoring the last few days of our five year old. Six just seems so big!


  1. I love the rainbow theme that you went with. My girls would love a theme like that!

    1. Thanks girl! Can't go wrong with rainbows, painting and cookie cake. ;)

  2. Happy belated birthday to your daughter. Sounds like a fun party. I love that you incorporated her rainbow drawings as part of the decor.

    1. Thanks so much, Terra! Her little drawings and paintings were my favorite detail. :) Hope you had a great holiday!


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