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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Hello, November!

I love this month and I don't think it gets the credit it deserves. It's all of the anticipation of the holidays without the last-minute stress. It's the last of the colorful leaves clinging to the trees. It's crisp, chilly air without being freezing. It's that golden late fall sunlight, especially in the afternoons. It's a month dedicated to focusing on all we have to be grateful for. It's also the month I got engaged, the month my first baby was born, and the month that my favorite holiday is in! 

What about you? Do you like November or are you anxious to skip straight to next month?

I'm excited to begin this week (a day late because #life) with another Monday Tuesday Coffee Talk. Grab a cup of something delicious and let me know how your weekend was. :)

Let me start with a quick Halloween recap. We thought for sure trick-or-treat would be cancelled (can you imagine? Would have been so sad for the kids!) due to stormy weather but the day took a turn and it turned out to just be warm, windy, and wet for trick-or-treating in the evening. The girls were so excited to dress up in their princess dresses and go door-to-door with neighbors. Once they were satisfied with their haul, they came back to the house to hand out some candy. Isabelle enjoyed her very first holiday from inside the Baby Bjorn, but don't worry... she did have a cute outfit! Haha.


By the time the weekend rolled around, the weather was gorgeous. Saturday our good friends came to visit and meet the baby, so we ordered pizza and the kids ran around playing. On Sunday I ran a few errands and we relaxed, played, and Steve worked on building our early Christmas gift to the kids -- their first swing set! They are SO excited to get out and play on it, and luckily the week ahead looks sunny so I'm sure that's where they'll spend most of their time when they're not at school. Childhood at its finest. :)

Steve and I also binged a new series on Netflix -- Unbelievable. Have you seen it? REALLY good! Highly recommend giving it a watch if you need something new.

Hope your week (and month!) is off to a wonderful start, friends. 


  1. I have been watching Unbelievable. Crazy and so good. I love the princess dresses. My girls were Rapunzel last year and this year to their school. They chose Anna and Elsa for the evening.

    1. I loved your girls' costumes -- sooo adorable! Dressing up like a princess never gets old. :) Isn't Unbelievable SO good?! We were hooked and just finished it last night!

  2. I love this month too! I don't like to rush through it but try to slow down a bit and enjoy it even more. We have two birthdays this month and so much to think about being thankful for. The girls look so cute in their costumes and the baby is just adorable in her outfit. I was so glad halloween wasn't canceled and it all worked out!

    1. I was so glad, too! I was trying to come up with a good back up plan in case it was cancelled but there's just nothing like good old-fashioned trick or treating. :) I'm glad I'm not the only one who appreciates November! ;)


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