Things I Can't Live Without as a Toddler Parent

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Happy Thursday! Even though this was a short week for us, it still kiiind of feels like it should be Friday (now I'm just getting greedy, ha!). I hope your week's going well.

I shared some sentiments about parenting on The Lucky Lifestyle's Facebook page yesterday. If you haven't checked it out, you can here. Sometimes it's so therapeutic for me to just write down how I'm feeling in the moment and click "share" -- and it's so worth it when others respond saying "me too!" or "I needed this!" 

Speaking of, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things when it comes to this parenting gig. There are a handful of items (and, ahem, beverages -- ok, it's coffee) I couldn't live without, and that make life so much easier. Won't you please share your favorites with me, too? Help a girl out!

{Disclaimer: My kids are now 2 and almost 5, so this is a post more for the toddler/preschooler/young kid mom -- but I should put together a list for you new mommas, too!}

BP Faux Leather Tote // First up is this large, roomy, affordable tote bag. I carried around a Vera Bradley diaper bag with both babies (bought a new one for H) and I will fight to my dying breath that those are still the best diaper bags out there. But once the girls got bigger and I didn't need as much, I wanted something that I could carry on my shoulder as just a regular bag. I love this one! It's not waterproof or filled with pockets, but honestly I never keep those bags organized anyway, haha. I like that I can take the pull-ups out of this bag and bring it to dinner with my girlfriends without missing a beat.

Mid-sized Basket... for the Car (!!!) // It took a good couple of years for this concept to dawn on me, but once it did I never looked back, and I'm always surprised at how many parents see my basket in between the girls' car seats in the back and say "why didn't I think of that?!" Don't worry, sista, I didn't for a long time either. But having a medium-sized, malleable basket to put a bunch of books, two blankets, and a couple of toys or stuffed animals in comes in all sorts of handy while we're out and about with the kids.

Wet Bag // This is something you might not think will come in handy... until it does... again and again. I carry one in that big tote bag pictured above, and I have put everything from dirty diapers, to wet clothes, to wipes and napkins in there. I wash it often, of course, and I just find it so useful to have a separate space where anything wet (ick) can go.

Portable Potty Seat // We have the exact seat pictured, and it is awesome, especially if you have potty-training toddlers in tow. It folds up to next to nothing, you can stick it in that wet bag above or in a big ziplock (that's what I do), and your baby's little bum will never have to touch a public toilet seat. Even better, you won't have to do that hold them over the seat while they try to pee move in a tiny bathroom stall! $10 -- get one!

Take & Toss Cups // These are still our favorite cups, and they have been since C learned to drink from a sippy. Here's why we love them: easy to clean, cheap (usually around $5 for a 6-pack), you don't feel bad if you lose them, they come with lids plus that little spill preventer (though we never use that), and once your child is old enough to drink from a regular cup, you can just pop the lid off and there you go! Tried and true.

The Mommy Hook // This is for all the parents, no matter how old your kid is. I've been using mine for five years straight and it's one of the best $7 I've spent! We've all been there: leaving Target with more bags than you thought, pushing a stroller, with zero free hands to carry your bags. The Mommy Hook to the rescue! I also use it to hold my tote bag when I'm shopping with the girls and want to give my shoulders a break.

First Aid Kit // Right now, Target is having a "choose any 3 first aid items, get the bag free" promotion. So fill this cute little bag up with band-aids (all of the band-aids if your kids are obsessed, like mine are), Neosporin, and some medical wipes and put it in the armrest or glove box of your car. This came in handy for me just the other day when the girls and I were out and C got a couple of blisters from new shoes she was wearing. We were on our way from errands to school, so we put a couple of band-aids on and all better!

Outdoor Blanket // Wait... hold everything! These are on clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond (where we got ours) for $10... half off! If you don't have one, please get one right now. This is probably one of my favorite -- if not my favorite -- secret weapon ever. I keep one at the house and one in my car because you never know where you'll end up needing one. We use them to lay and sit outside, for outdoor picnics all the time, as our blanket at the beach, and even inside for doing arts and crafts on the kitchen floor. They are water-repellant, washable, and fold up into a little square with a carrying strap.

I'm sure there's more, but those are a few of my very favorite things that have saved me on numerous occasions! If you're a mom or dad, do you have these already? What would you add? 


  1. I feel like I still need that toddler potty seat. So many of these items are amazing!!!

    1. It's the best! I was really wishing I had it yesterday when Hadley suddenly told me she had to go potty during gymnastics!


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