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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Hey friends! How is your week going? Ours has been a little off, since Hadley came down with a yucky cold at the beginning of the week, then I caught it, and I think Carrington might be coming down with it now. It's never fun to be under the weather, but I'm just hoping this means that we'll all be healthy and good-to-go for Halloween week next week! My priority is that the girls get to enjoy themselves, participate in school parties and activities, and of course go trick-or-treating. 

One of the bloggers I love to follow along with, Zelle at A Southern Style Blog, recently posted a 101 in 1,001 list outlining 101 goals for the next 1,001 days and I thought it was a fun way to write down all of the things that I'd love to accomplish in various areas of life within the next few years. So I borrowed her template and made my own! Yes, several of them are lofty goals (I mean... write a book? And look at my travel list -- I'll have to win the lottery, lol!), but I figured might as well get it all down. You know how I love lists! ;) 

I would love to see your own 101 in 1,001. If you make one, be sure to tag me in it (or message me to let me know!). I'm always inspired by other people's aspirations! xo

Start Date: October 15th, 2018 - End Date: July 11th, 2021

Read a new book per month
Take a flower arranging class
Write a book (or at least start it!) x (started)
Clean out my camera roll on my phone + print pictures
Develop and stick to a skin care routine x (i'll give myself a check - though not fancy, it's much improved from where it was)
Write and submit 10 articles
Find 5 new favorite podcasts x

Try a barre class x (did online classes)
Try one month of clean eating
Stick to 1 small cup of coffee per day
Drink 60 oz. water per day for one week
Try a dance class
Go to yoga
Get back to my goal weight
No looking at phone for last hour before bed
Go to bed by 10, wake up by 6
Work out 4-5 days a week
Quit night snacking

Do a "yes" day with the kids
Volunteer/do something to help fellow moms x
Get in the pictures with my kids x
Try a family game night x
Host a pizza party with our friends x
Write down the funniest/best lines they said at the end of each day
Interview my mom
Try doing one fun craft with them per week
Read something new/inspiring on motherhood x

Take a class/course in my field (SEO, social media?)
Attend a women's/leadership/networking event
Interview a new women per month for "Women Who Inspire" x
Do five guest posts for fellow bloggers
Organically grow The Lucky Lifestyle's presence and readership
Continue to develop and grow reader engagement
Learn how to use the Canon and use it more often
Attend a blogging conference

Have one date night/day every month (date night in counts too)
Go away overnight one weekend per year x
Plan 10 year anniversary (May 2020) x
Show the girls my wedding dress x
Get more pictures together x
Write an article/blog post on love/relationships/marriage x
Write notes back and forth
Take time to connect at the end of every day
Renew our vows
Throw a party for Steve's 35th (February 2021) 
Try something new together x (jet skiing!)

Clear out clutter -- donate, sell, trash
Paint/decorate office x
Repaint/renovate upstairs hall bathroom 
Repaint/update downstairs bathroom x
Hang new lighting in the kitchen x
Get a porch swing or rockers for the front porch x
Paint the back landing
Spruce up landscaping
Create a play gym in the basement x
Finish decorating the playroom x
Print and hang more photos/canvases x
Try one do-it-yourself project
Get new floors in the kitchen x
Paint/upgrade kitchen cabinetry x
Upgrade kitchen counters

Take the girls on a tour of where I grew up (neighborhood, town, etc.) x
Eat at the Pancake Farm one last time
Visit the wildflower field
Try Fox Meadow Creamery

Attend one local street fair x
Find a new hiking trail x
Support a local business x
Explore a new part of town x
Eat at five new-to-us restaurants x
Take the girls to Philly for the day x
Visit a local winery or brewery

Family & Friends
Host a get together with all our friends
Take a girls' weekend trip
Continue to host Christmas dinner x

Go on at least one anniversary getaway x
Visit Quebec
Go to Disneyworld
Go somewhere tropical
Visit the Grand Canyon
Take the girls to NYC at Christmas
Take the girls to the Inner Harbor
Visit Washington DC with the girls
Visit Chicago
Go to Boston with the girls
Travel to Lake Tahoe
Visit a friend who lives far away

All the Fun
Take a cooking class (date night?!) 
Try skiing for the first time (does jet skiing count? lol)
Go to a country concert
Do a video interview with the kids
Take a Christmas train ride x
Take the girls on a boat
Go to a comedy show
Host an ugly sweater party
Serve the girls breakfast in bed (they will get such a kick out of it) x
Surprise pick up the bill for someone x
Send handwritten letters to faraway friends & family x
Start a new 101 list


  1. I need to do this for myself. I love your list. So many great things on here. I definitely think you should try skiing for the first time. I have always wanted to host an Ugly Christmas Sweater party, but we usually go to one each year.

    1. Yes, I'd love to see yours! I haven't been to an ugly sweater party in SO long. I should host one this year or next!

  2. Omg we have so many similar goals! Love it. Definitely need to get on doing something like this. It would be so fun to make a lofty list and then put it away, come back to it years later, and see what was accomplished kind of on it's own or more effortlessly. Just to see what came to be. Meanwhile, "write a book" has been on my to-do list for the last twenty years so you can see how "effortless" that's been for me ;)

    1. Yes!! Make one -- I'd love to see it! Write a book has been on my list for about just as long. Let's make it happen. :) :)


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