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Monday, August 6, 2018

Sad to say goodbye to another weekend. Aren't summer weekends just the best? They always seem to end with ice cream and they always go too fast.

What did you do this weekend? We kicked off ours on Friday by meeting Steve at Don Pablo's for dinner. I had been craving enchiladas all day (so random) so when he texted me saying he was down that way after work, the girls and I jumped all over it. We had a fun dinner (they tried their first corn dog and didn't seem impressed, but loved the little fountain where they could throw pennies and make wishes), and then Steve went to get a hair cut and the girls and I headed over to OshKosh since we still had some time to kill before bath and bedtime. Mommas: did you see their sale that ends today? The whole store is 50% off, plus an additional 15% off $20+ or 20% off $40+. And if you choose to shop online -- free shipping! Use code "stockup." 

On Saturday C & H had swim lessons, and I headed out straight from there to go visit my longtime friend who just had twins! Her little girls were so, so sweet and cuddly. And she is a freaking rock star! Twin moms are my heroes, seriously.

Saturday night I finished OITNB (anyone else watch the new season?) and started a new series recommended to me called Doctor Foster. It's intriguing so far! What should I watch next? In between new series, I usually rewatch old favorites.

On Sunday we picked up groceries, then headed to some local tennis courts. C recently got her own racket, so we've been trying to teach her some basics. In between, Steve and I tried to get some playing in while the girls ran around (which we allow them to do if there aren't any other people there, which there never are). It was so hot, though, that we didn't last long and pretty quickly headed home for popsicles and naps. After dinner we headed to a new-to-us ice cream parlor -- the cherry on top of a sweet weekend (that cheesiness factor, though. Totally laughing at myself.). :)

This Week's Menu

Sunday - Chicken stir fry with rice and broccoli

Monday - Kielbasa, mac & cheese, salad

Tuesday - "Chicken" patties (I use Morningstar) and rosemary fries

Wednesday - Breakfast for dinner (eggs, bacon, toast)

Thursday - Baked potatoes with leftover bacon (crumbled), cheese, broccoli

Friday - Leftovers

Saturday - Out!

Hope your week is off to a great start! 


  1. I agree...twin moms are the best (haha, since I am one!) I love when weekends end in an ice cream date. Your menu this week sounds really good! Love breakfast for dinner.

    1. They really are! I bow down to you! :) I love breakfast for dinner, too. It's easy, tasty, and mostly pleases everyone. ;)

  2. I would LOVE to know how twin moms 'do it' - even feeding at night - I hope your friend is coping ok! The babies look gorgeous. You are right about ice-cream - although we started ours with some today at 11am haha - it is kind of like a great fall back - nothing to do? - Go to the ice cream farm, talk with friends while the kinds eat too much icecream and run around like crazies :) J xx

  3. A weekend that starts with Mexican food is the best kind of weekend in my opinion! Glad you all had fun!


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