The Proposal

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

All of this news about the royal engagement has me thinking about proposals. They are usually such fun, joyful stories to hear and to tell, and what I love is that each one is so unique. What's your engagement story?

How's that for a crooked picture of a picture? ;) Professional photog here.

Our own engagement happened nine years ago (!) on a freezing night in November. We were still in college (!!) so after class one Friday Steve picked me up and we drove over an hour to an absolutely magical Christmas village. I had told him before that for some reason (probably based on some cheesy commercial or movie I had seen at some point!) I always had these visions of a proposal outside in the winter. It just seemed so cozy and romantic. I had my suspicions about what might go down that night since 1. The horrific traffic didn't seem to phase Steve in the slightest and 2. He was humming "if you like it then you should've put a ring on it" (Beyonce's big hit back in 2008) under his breath. 

It was the first night this village would be lit up for the holidays, so the place was crazy crowded and the nice restaurant Steve had planned on taking me was completely booked. It worked out how it was supposed to, though: After walking around admiring the lights for a while we got a seat in the coziest tavern, ironically named Hart's Tavern. After we ordered our drinks (sodas and spiked hot chocolates) I excused myself to the restroom. When I came back to the table, we were holding hands and talking when he slipped the ring on my finger (and, of course, said some lovely things that made me cry). It all happened so quickly that, although I thought he might propose that night, I had no idea it was going to happen right then, and it really did catch me by surprise. 

Fellow diners congratulated us and we ate some complimentary cake on the house while I sniffled and smiled like a mad woman. On the way home that night, we called our friends and family to share the news!

Here are some other fun facts about our engagement:

+ I was 21 years old
+ Steve didn't get down on a knee
+ We skipped class on a whim one day to ring shop (sounded like more fun) -- I was literally wearing sweatpants at Bailey Banks & Biddle. Ha!
+ The woman who sold Steve my engagement ring gave him the idea of where to propose (I guess he told her my vision, and she suggested this place!)
+ We have gone back to this village every. single. year. since then (it was our very last date before having C, I was VERY pregnant and a photo there served as my 9 month pic)
+ The restaurant Steve was going to take me to (the one that was booked) was called the Cock and the Bull -- needless to say, I'm glad that in repeating our story time and time again I get to say Hart's Tavern instead. ;)

So now it's your turn. If you're engaged or married, I'd love (really really love!) to know how it went down. How did he or she propose (or did you propose)? I can't wait to hear!

Such babies, I can barely stand it!


  1. This is such a cute story. Rory proposed to me in our garage. He had waited for the ring for a long time as it was a custom design. The day he got it was the day of a home basketball game for our college (we were out of college, but season ticket holders). He picked it up before the game and we met at the game and I had no idea. He planned to do it that weekend, but couldn't wait any longer. After we got home, I changed into my pjs, fed our dog and went about my evening. After 20 mins of not seeing Rory, I searched the house. I didn't find him. But then I saw a little light coming from the garage. I opened the door and he was in the dark on his knee with a ring box that was open. The box lite up and I could see the glow of him as well. He said some sweet things, proposed and I said yes. It was super sweet and not at all like he had originally planned to do it (he had a big thing planned that weekend).

    1. I absolutely love this story!!! I could picture the whole thing as I read it. I think sometimes those truly unexpected and cozy proposals with just the two people are the best. Thanks for sharing! Xo


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