5 Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

Friday, December 1, 2017

Happy Friday, and happy December! 

To kick off the most wonderful time of the year, I'm sharing my first holiday gift guide (!!!) and linking up for Five on Friday. I wanted to start off with five ideas for the person who has everything, who you buy for year after year and are running out of ideas for (maybe your spouse or a parent), or for the person who is just plain hard to shop for. ;)

1. A canvas.

I've ordered a bunch of canvases from Easy Canvas Prints before (not sponsored, promise!) and have had great experiences. A canvas is a great gift for the person who has it all, because it's such a high-quality way to preserve something meaningful for them, whether it's a family photograph or a picture of their favorite place in the world. It can be any size (I have everything from 8x8 squares to one of their largest sizes) and can be hung or propped anywhere: home or office.

2. An experience.

For the person who has everything, check out Groupon's "Things to Do" section (again, not sponsored -- just a happy customer). One of my favorite gifts I ever got anyone was for Steve several years back: a helicopter flying lesson. He absolutely loved it and it was just a cool experience. There are so many cool options on Groupon for great prices, from sports car racing to wine tasting to helicopter tours of cities and more.

3. A charitable donation.

For the person who has everything or who might be extraordinarily picky, dig into what they feel most passionate about and advocate for and make a charitable donation to the cause in their name. It will show thought and care, and will positively impact someone else. Good for everyone involved!

4. Handwriting jewelry.

This would be great for the sentimental loved one -- a parent, best friend, special aunt. These custom bracelets (here is an example of a shop that makes them) take the handwriting of someone special and turns it into keepsake jewelry. How cool is that?

5. A mini-trip.

Personally, I would love this! Instead of an item, this would be a day trip, an afternoon out, an overnight trip. It could be lunch out, followed by a movie and coffee. It could be a trip to a nearby city, admission to a museum, and dinner. Quality time is definitely my love language, so I think this would make a great idea for a spouse or even a parent or friend who you'd love to spend more time with.

I hope this helped get your wheels turning for the tough-to-shop-for person in your life! Sometimes it's all about thinking outside the (gift)box. ;) Have a great weekend, friends!


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