Sister Sister: An Update on the Girls

Thursday, October 19, 2017

I can't believe I have an almost four year old and a 15 month old. Two daughters. Two little girls who are alike in some ways and oh-so-different in others. 

I thought I'd share a little update on each of the girls, survey style, since time is flying by at a speed I can't quite wrap my brain around. But first, an update on sisters.

It's the coolest thing to see C and H growing into their roles as sisters. C as big sister, and H as little sister, with all that each of those titles entails. Yes, C is somewhat "typical" when it comes to being the older child: she likes some semblance of order and can get pretty miffed when H comes charging in like Babyzilla (if you've seen her in action in real life, you know!). But she's gotten good at dissolving frustration into a fit of giggles while proclaiming "She's just the silliest, mom! She's a rascal-y girl!" I can't help but laugh, too. 

And H also embraces her role as youngest by testing her sister every chance she gets. She likes to take toys and watch C for her reaction. But, man, does she adore her big sis. The first thing she does when she sees her is lean in for a hug. 

They really adore each other. They are at ages now where they are starting to play together instead of separately or side-by-side. They make each other laugh -- sometimes over the silliest things -- and Steve and I just look at each other, like we're on the outside of some inside joke. I pray each and every day that their bond just continues to grow and strengthen. I think they're off to a pretty great start. :)

Carrington, 3 years 11 months

Carrie is nearing her FOURTH birthday, and though I can hardly believe it, it shows. She attends preschool three mornings a week this year and jumped back into the swing of things without a hiccup. She has and shares pretty complex thoughts and asks a lot of good questions. 

SIZE: Wearing mostly size 4t with some 5t, and 9.5 shoe

LOVES: Little sissy, play dates with her friends, gymnastics, swimming lessons, her trampoline, playing picnic/tea party, playing doctor, hide and seek, playgrounds, her trampoline, playing pretend, kinetic sand, legos, books

DISLIKES: Not being able to do something, having her hair brushed

FAVORITE FOOD: Any fruit, raisins and almonds


FAVORITE TV SHOW: Peppa, Mickey, Doc McStuffins

FAVORITE MOVIE: Toy Story, Frozen

WANTS TO BE: A doctor, a mommy, and the other day she told me a firewoman

Hadley, 15 months

Hadley is equal parts snuggly and spitfire, runs wherever she goes, loves to eat, and has the sweetest little heart. She is SO active!

SIZE: Wearing 18-24 months clothes, size 4 shoe, size 4 diaper

LOVES: Copying everything her big sister does, babies, dolls, animals, running, jumping, climbing, dressing up, shoes and accessories, the playground, music, dancing, getting her teeth brushed

DISLIKES: Getting her diaper changed, sitting still for books

FAVORITE FOOD: Any fruit, peas, macaroni and cheese

FAVORITE DRINK: The only two drinks she has - milk and water, but loves both!

SAYS: mama, dada, puppy (pup pup), cheese, belly, please, baba, bye bye, hi, ow

SLEEPS: 7:15pm - 7:15am with two naps, both about 1.5 hours

It sounds cheesy, but I look at these two girls every day and feel so very grateful that they are here, that this is my life. I am living my greatest dream each and every day, through all of the challenging and tiring and amazing. 


  1. I love seeing the comparisons. Sooo cute. I need to do one of these too since my girls will be 3 in a couple of months.

    1. Ahhh! Three is so much fun. I want to do a post all on its own about the hilarious stuff they say at this age so I don't forget!


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