Five on Friday

Friday, October 27, 2017

Well, a few days away from November and it finally feels like fall, y'all. Speaking of November, it's one of my favorite months. I got engaged in November, Carrington was born in November, and my favorite holiday is in November: Thanksgiving, of course.

What are you all up to this weekend? Tomorrow we're heading to some orchards to pick apples and pumpkins with our great friends, whose daughter just turned three. On Sunday Steve is taking the girls to a birthday party and another one of my dear friends is coming up for a spa afternoon (she treated me to a gift card for my 30th birthday -- what a gem). Can. Not. Wait.

Here's the short list of thoughts for Five on Friday:

+ Halloween candy. Does anyone else have zero control when it comes to buying and then eating all of the Halloween candy before it's actually Halloween? I posted this on my personal Facebook page yesterday and some good tips were: wait until the day before or even the day of to buy it or buy non-edible stuff or buy candy you don't like. These are all grown up and logical options, and for some reason I can't go through with any of them. Sigh.

+ Random act of kindness. My mom (hi Mom!) told me that she was in line at Target the other day picking up a couple of small things and a family in front of her bought a whole cart full and received a $5 gift card back as a promotion. Well, they turned around to my mom and handed it to her -- they told her that when they get a promo gift card like that, they like to pass it along to another shopper. How cool is that? It's similar to buying the person in line behind you a cup of coffee at Starbucks, but I thought it was a fun twist.

+ Toddler smoothies. Carrie loves her a smoothie. I keep a bag of mixed frozen berries in the freezer (I like the antioxidant blend from Market Pantry at Target) and mix it in the blender with a little whole milk. Voila! A healthy, couldn't-be-easier smoothie.

+ Currently listening to... I've been really into Halsey lately. She just has a cool sound -- I've been loving all of her songs, especially this one!

+ Currently watching... I'm looking forward to beginning Stranger Things 2 with Steve tonight. Perfect for this time of year. I've also been religiously watching This Is Us, of course, and the new season of Shark Tank. I can't believe how long that's been on -- and I've been a fan since the beginning! #old

What about you? What are you listening to and watching lately? What about reading? All I can manage to do is quickly flip through a magazine these days. Someday I'll read actual books again... someday. ;) 

Have a great weekend!


  1. We usually buy extra Halloween candy because we already know that between myself, my husband and the kids, it's bound to get eaten before Halloween actually gets here. Smoothies are a great way to get kids to eat (or drink) their fruits and veggies. I'm currently binge watching the Gilmore Girls on Netflix and finishing up Empire of Storms by Sarah J Maas.

    1. That is so smart... and true! I think next year I should either buy more, or none at all. ;) I loved Gilmore Girls!

  2. I have a problem with Halloween candy. We buy a big bag at Costco. And we go trick or treating with the girls now. But I never give out all the candy no matter how hard I try. And I am totally raiding my girls candy before I give it to them. Ha.

    1. It's so true! Not only do I eat my own stash, then I'm definitely going to go through the girls' stash too. This time of year through the holidays is pretty much a wash! HA :)


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