It's July! Summertime Questionnaire

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Happy July, all!

May, June, July, and August are my favorite months of the year. Warm weather, lots of fun things to do outside, and plenty to celebrate. This month we're celebrating Hadley's 4th birthday (fun fact: she was due on my birthday!), my 33rd birthday (is 33 a lucky number? It sounds like it could be. I'm going with it is.), and my nephew's 1st birthday! The Fourth of July is also in there, of course. I remember feeling like the Fourth of July meant we were really into summertime as a kid. There's nothing quite like watching fireworks on a warm summer night.

To kick off the month, I thought I'd join in with a couple of fellow bloggers (Dara and Danielle) to share a "just for fun" questionnaire all about summer. One of the best things -- probably the best thing -- about blogging is connecting with others, so I'd love to hear your answers too!

1. Lake or Beach

Beach! Truthfully I love to be by any body of water, but being by the ocean is one of the things that makes me happiest. The salty sea air, the expanse of the water against the horizon, the seagulls... the whole thing makes me happy.

2. Iced tea or lemonade?

Unsweetened iced tea is so refreshing! One of my favorite drinks.

3. Favorite summer vacation memory?

There are too many to choose! When I was young, we took a couple of trips to Canada with extended family -- my grandma, aunt, cousins. Those trips are full of fun memories because it felt like such a big adventure as a small kid. For the first three years Steve and I were married and without kids, we visited Mexico, Bermuda, and Jamaica. I'll always cherish those memories because it was just the two of us, and we knew it wouldn't always be that way. Those trips were so relaxing and beautiful. But maybe my favorite memories come from our annual beach trips to the Jersey shore with our kids, parents, and my brother's family. It feels pretty special to know we're creating lasting memories for our kids!

4. Favorite summer destination?

Avalon, NJ. :)

5. Go-to summer fashion item?

I love maxi dresses for their comfort and effortless style, and I'm a shoe lover so fun sandals are always a favorite. This is one of my favorite new maxi dresses this summer (I got mine in navy -- and for $29! Keep an eye out for more sales!), these are my most-worn flip flops (they hold up amazingly well, on sale for $28 with code EXTRA30) and these are my favorite new sandals (mine are in a woven straw, and unfortunately I can't find them available anywhere).

6. Have you ever been water skiing or jet skiing?

I think I remember trying to water ski a long time ago, but have never been jet skiing. Been tubing plenty of times, though!

7. Favorite summer movie?

Anything light and fun. Sweet Home Alabama comes to mind. Grease is a classic!

8. Song that makes you think of summer?

Danielle mentioned Summer Girls by LFO and I had a moment remembering all the times I listened to that! I like country, and no better time to listen to it than in the summer with the windows rolled down. Anything Tom Petty, and that song 99 Red Balloons always makes me think of summer and fireworks set to music.

9. Best Fourth of July story?

I think my favorite is the first year I met Steve. I was 15, almost 16, and every year my brother, cousins, and I would go to a local park to watch the fireworks display. Steve came along that year (I had just met him less than a month before!) and as we were driving there along some backroads, my teenage cousin was driving too close behind us and tapped the back of Steve's SUV. I was mortified, haha -- but Steve took it in stride and we still laugh about it to this day.

10. Are your fireworks on the 3rd, 4th, or another night?

I feel like it depends on the year around here! They are usually spread across multiple nights depending on the town putting them on, so it's sort of up to us when we go. We've skipped the big crowds the last couple of years with tiny ears and early bedtimes but we usually can catch them lighting up the sky somewhere. ;)

That was fun! Let me know if you join in, I'd love to check out your answers. Have a great Wednesday -- halfway to the weekend!


  1. I am definitely a beach person too. I’ve never really done the lake thing but think I should try. They’re closer for me than the beach! Lol. I love lemonade and am all about the flip flops through the summer. Our family hosts the annual reunion each year on the 4th of July weekend and that is a ton of fun!

    1. That is so fun that your family does its annual reunion each July 4th! Are you planning on one this year? I bet everyone looks forward to that a lot. YES to the beach & flip flops -- wouldn't be summer without them! :)

  2. I love Avalon as well. It is a great place. and the ice cream shop there is my favorite!!! That is a funny story on the 4th. Luckily, it all worked out! I love unsweetened tea too. Not many people do I feel like.

    1. It is! Such a happy, peaceful place for us. Hope you have a great 4th of July!

  3. Jen I loved reading this and finding out more about you! When you mentioned the seagulls I had a feeling you mentioned them being your favourite bird before? I would LOVE to hear more about what you thought of Bermuda - have you ever done a post on it? It is somewhere I've always wanted to visit. I would be highly disappointed if everyone wasn't walking around in Bermuda shorts haha! Yes to SHA - it is SUCH a fab film! I had my hair cut the same way as Reese at the time, was the same age and going through the same issues - love it! Big hugs - hope you had a great 4th July weekend! Joanne.

  4. Sweet that you met your husband on the 4th and when you were so young.
    I'm in New Jersey and I don't think I've ever been to Avalon. Must check it out now.

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