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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Last week I turned 33! We took the girls to the shore for the afternoon/evening and had a really nice (albeit not relaxing in the slightest! haha) time on the beach, followed by a picnic dinner with takeout. Time in my favorite place with my favorite people... can't ask for much more than that to kick off a new year! We also got to see my family this past weekend for a little backyard get together with pizza and cupcakes to celebrate.

33 is supposedly the number that resonates with "the energies of compassion, blessings, inspiration, honesty, discipline, bravery and courage," and tells us "all things are possible." I'll take it!

Just for fun, I thought I'd celebrate by sharing 33 things about me. Some you might know, and some you might not. I'm nosy, so I always enjoy reading this type of thing. ;) What do we have in common?

33 Things

1. My second daughter was due on my birthday, but born three days before.

2. I played violin for 10 years.

3. My bad habit is... snacking in bed at night. Oops!

4. I transferred colleges after my freshman year (Temple --> West Chester).

5. I could easily be a vegetarian, I just don't enjoy eating meat and never have.

6. My wedding DJ turned out to be a murderer (true story, you can read more here).

7. I've had six jobs (CVS Pharmacy, Babies R Us, a leather store, Auntie Anne's corporate, a marketing agency, and my current job which I've had for 8 years).

8. My dad was born in Cuba and came to the United States when he was seven.

9. I'm really passionate about connecting with and encouraging others.

10. I much prefer salty foods over sweet.

11. I'm an enneagram 2.

12. I am an ENFJ (closely followed by an ENFP).

13. I always make a wish if I happen to catch the clock on 11:11.

14. I love traditions -- making them and keeping them.

15. I'm a bit superstitious (I will knock on wood, not get rid of a "lucky" shirt, etc.).

16. The oldest piece of clothing I still wear is my denim jacket, which was a gift from Steve for my 17th birthday.

17. I have a dream of owning a house by the ocean.

18. I don't like horror movies. Feel tense and stressed for 1.5 hours? No thanks! Haha

19. I eat the same thing for breakfast every single day (for the past 7 years) -- coffee & a protein bar.

20. I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with my oldest (but not with my other two!). 

21. I can't wait to travel more -- my bucket list is long!

22. I'm a huge animal lover. I can't watch any movie in which an animal gets hurt or there's any negative/sad focus on animals, watch those ASPCA commercials, and you know that saying "wouldn't hurt a fly?" That's me. A friend got me this, and I swear by it.

23. I have dear friends from each stage of my life (starting from toddlerhood!) that I am still very close with and love very much -- I value my friendships a lot and have always strived for quality over quantity in my closest relationships.

24. I've always wanted to be a mom and was obsessed with pretending my dolls were real babies as a kid. I'd always pretend I had three kids. ;)

25. I have motion sickness and can't read or focus on anything too long in the car.

26. Blood doesn't bother me a bit, but vomit is my nightmare. Haha

27. Every night as I fall asleep, I say a prayer of thanks for everyone and everything that I am grateful for.

28. I'm an old-school pen and paper girl. I still keep a paper address book, a paper schedule/calendar/agenda, write lists on paper, and enjoy reading actual magazines and books.

29. I eat cheese every single day. Can't quit you, cheese.

30. I'm sensitive to smells and don't like strong floral scents, the new car smell everyone else seems to love, pine, cigarette smoke, etc.

31. My  favorite scent of all time is sunscreen, especially when on the cheeks of my babies, closely followed by yummy food scents like baked goods and cinnamon.

32. I analyze everything way too much. It can be a frustrating quality, but as I grow I also try to embrace it and use it to an advantage.

33. My professional/personal goal over the next year is to write a book. There, I said it!

So, did you learn anything new or am I pretty much an open book? Did anything resonate with you? I'd love to hear! Have a wonderful rest of the week, xo


  1. I get motion sickness too. I could be a vegetarian about 85% of the time, but I love a good steak and a hamburger every so often. I love that you still wear that denim jacket. Love getting to know more about you.

    1. Thanks Danielle! It's still my favorite denim jacket I've ever found. I think it's one of those things that gets more comfy and perfect the longer you wear it. ;) xo!

  2. I enjoy reading tidbits about others. Happy belated birthday!

  3. The writing a book goal is a wonderful one! Have you thought about a genre yet? I loved reading these facts! Studying nutrition I am going to be a geek here and ask if you found out why you got GD with Carrie and not no 2 or 3? The cutest thing that you mentioned was keeping the denim jacket - that is so adorable - and that all those years ago he picked something like that for you. Does Steve still buy you clothes as gifts or keep to 'safer' options :)) I ask because I've found A gets more cautious as the years go by, haha! I am right there with you on the car sickness - isn't it bloody awful?! Why can't we 'grow out' of it? Do you girls have it too? C does - he was sick 7 times on a recent ferry journey to France during a gale. I may have to copy this idea for my birthday blog post too - although 44 (!!!) things sounds so hideous!! You are still soooo young!! XX

    1. I would absolutely LOVE to learn 44 things about you, Joanne! Please post! :) Motion sickness is such a bummer -- I'm sorry to hear C has it too! None of my girls have picked it up yet, so fingers crossed. I'm sure it still has time to develop. ;) My OB told me that each pregnancy can be different as far as GD goes, but I also think it had to do with the fact that I made some simple daily lifestyle changes when I had GD with Carrington that I carried on into my other pregnancies! Steve doesn't blindly buy me clothes anymore - LOL. Now it's more of "hey, we need a new microwave, want to get that for each other?" Hahaha. I know the book I'd love to write -- the genre is (unsurprisingly) parenting/motherhood. Half of it is written in my head, if I could only get something down on paper. ;) Thanks for reading, sweet friend! Hugs.


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