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Monday, January 27, 2020

Morning and happy Monday, my friends! Did you all have a fun weekend? Ours was pretty good. We went to a birthday party for one of Hadley's little preschool classmates on Saturday and then made pizza for dinner. On Sunday morning we picked up groceries (our menu for this week is below!) and then I met one of my longtime friends (hi Daniela!) for lunch. I took Isabelle along since Daniela hadn't met her yet -- we live about 1.5 hours away from each other -- and she was the perfect little lunch date. It was so nice to linger over lunch and catch up! Of course, we didn't take a picture, but it did in fact happen.

Sister snuggles

Saturday marked the Lunar (Chinese) New Year, and as far as I'm concerned it re-started 2020 over here. As you all know by now, we had a rough start to the year and, quite honestly, I've been in a funk because of it all. And that's ok. I hate feeling sad and unlike my usual self, but at the same time I think it's important to allow ourselves to feel the emotions that come along with the hard stuff in life; to be "in your feelings" as the kids would say (Ha! I am officially old!). I also think it's healthy for my kids to see and experience a grieving process so although I try to hold it together for the most part for them, they have definitely seen some tears and I've decided that I'm ok with that.

Speaking of, after my search for age-appropriate books about the death of a pet fell flat, my mom found two great ones that I'd like to recommend in case you find yourself in the same situation with young kids: Saying Goodbye to Lulu (my favorite) and When A Pet Dies (by everyone's favorite Mr. Rogers). Saying Goodbye to Lulu is written so beautifully and yet honestly, and perfectly describes all of the feelings children (and adults) might go through at the end of a pet's life and after the pet passes away. I thought it was an extremely comforting and tasteful book. When a Pet Dies is a great, very straight-forward book that will help with some of the tough questions that kids might have about death (like permanency). 

Moving on to some happier life highlights, because time continues to move forward at light speed!

January and February are filled with birthdays for us. My brother, my mom, Steve, some of my closest friends, cousins, friend's kids. Sickness and weather have derailed some of our celebrations so I'm hoping to slowly catch up with everyone who had/is having a birthday and enjoy some fun and cake. ;) Do you have a lot of winter birthdays in your family too?

The kids have been busy with school -- Carrington is "star of the week" this week and so, so excited! -- and play dates/activities. We did take a break from our busy activity schedule around the time school started/Isabelle was born so after soccer ended for Hadley, all we have on the agenda for extra-curriculars right now is Girl Scouts for Carrie. So far she's really enjoying being a Daisy and has been doing great with the start of cookie season. People take these cookies very seriously -- I had no idea, haha!

We're also starting to look ahead (with much excitement) to spring and summer. Does anyone else find that it's so helpful to begin planning for the warmer months in the dead of winter? I don't know about you, but I need things to look forward to when it gets dark at 5 PM and the temperature is less than my age. We are about to book our beach house for our annual weeklong Avalon/Stone Harbor trip so we're excited about that. We're also scheming a weekend trip to DC to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom and take the kids to the Air & Space Museum and some other favorite spots around the city. Our options for vacations are somewhat limited with an infant, but that's ok -- we plan to make the most of what we can do! We're so lucky to live close to so much: the shore and major cities. In the meantime, it's fun to dream about some of the farther away places we'd love to take the kids in years to come. I really feel like we're starting a whole new chapter now that our family is complete. Life with three daughters is going to be a wonderful adventure (it already is)!

What's on your menu for the week? Here's what we have planned for dinners:

Tuesday - Pasta with ricotta pesto (jarred) & peas

Wednesday - Chicken nuggets, tater tots & broccoli

Thursday - Zuppa Toscana soup & salad

Friday - Leftovers

Saturday - Delivery pizza with friends

Sunday - Out

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead! Happy New Year! ;)


  1. I love having time to catch-up with friends. That's when you know it's good conversations and company when you forget to take a picture. Those books sound like really good ones to check out. Man, I am dreading that day. It breaks my heart Coaty will be 11 this year. We don't have a lot of winter birthdays expect for my mom. Majority of us are squeezed in from August-November. I also love planning and thinking about warmer days! I am thankful it's been pretty mild so far, but I am looking forward to seeing the trees with leaves on them again and some nicer scenery. I hope you have a great week!

    1. Me too -- so good for the soul! Try not to think about it (I know it's hard) -- he still has a lot of life left! <3 I cannot wait for warmer weather (and less germs).

  2. Garlic butter salmon sounds so good. We have been having a lot of sickness going around our house too. You sure do have a ton of birthday celebrations coming up. So sweet that you got to see your long time friend and bring your littlest with you!

    1. We made the salmon this week and it was delicious! I just posted the recipe on the blog if you want to try it! Have a great weekend, xo


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