January Goals

Monday, January 6, 2020

Hey hey! It's our old friend, Monday. This Monday feels extra Monday-ish because it's everyone's first real day back in the game following winter break. The girls headed back to school and Steve headed back to work for only two days at the end of last week, so we didn't really get back into our routine... and here we are now. 

Let's talk resolutions. Everyone's doing it, right? It is the New Year, after all, and what better (and more cliche, but who cares) time to set some new goals. There are twelve blank pages of the 2020 calendar just waiting to be filled with whatever we want to put there. So let's start with January!

This year, I'm thinking of my goals in terms of one-month timeframes, instead of goals for the year. It's easier for me, personally, to do this resolution thing bite-sized instead of trying to eat the whole pie at once. That made no sense, but you get what I mean. And now I want pie. Anyway! I'm sharing my goals for the month below -- won't you share yours, too?

January Goals | Health

-Get moving! Exercise when and how I'm able to. No crazy pressure or weight-loss goals as I begin working out again post-baby. Honestly, I am positive I get enough exercise chasing my kids around and doing 392 squats daily, with a baby in my arms, to count as a workout, but it still feels good to intentionally devote even a 20-minute chunk of time to moving my body and clearing my mind. So far, I've been hopping on the treadmill when I'm able to. 

-Find healthy lunches to eat. Lunch is my toughest meal. I usually snack on a string cheese, some walnuts, some veggie sticks -- you get the idea. Not the worst stuff for you, but I think having a healthy, more filling lunch to look forward to might help cut down on other mindless snacking. Otherwise, food wise, I'm all about trying to enjoy things in moderation, listening to my body as best as I can, and not depriving myself. Life is too short.

January Goals | Financial

-Start back at work. This is the big one! I'm starting back at work after three months of maternity leave, so it'll feel good to earn a paycheck again. 

January Goals | Home

-Organize the basement. My big goal this month is to clean up and organize all of the toys in the basement, as well as organize all of the clothes the girls have outgrown into their storage bins (I tackled the huge project of creating bins for each size of clothing before the baby came -- it's a game changer and makes it so easy to search for clothes in the correct size and to actually use all of the great hand-me-downs we have!).

-Finish the playroom. We currently use our front room/"formal living room" as a playroom and I'd like to add curtains, create a little art center, and hang a couple of things on the walls to make the room feel a little more finished.

January Goals | Creative

-I'm starting small by vowing to jot down an idea for a piece or a blog post when it comes to me, no matter when or where that is. So often I'll think of something and by the time I get to my computer, the idea is gone. Not this year!

-Work on writing one piece to submit to an outlet that might be a good fit for it.

What are you hoping to accomplish as we start off the new year?


  1. These are all good goals. I need to eat healthier too. I am good about it and then I get a kick for pizza and wine. Ha. It is all about balance. Yay for going back to work!

    1. You're so right, it's all about balance! More than anything, I just want to keep my energy up. Hope your week is off to a good start!

  2. I love that you're focusing on one-month goals! I often find big year-long goals to be a bit too much, simply because there's so. much. happening. one month goals would give me time to buckle down and focus. Seriously...the wheels are turning! This is great.

    1. I'm so glad you appreciate the more bite-sized goals like I do, Melissa! Especially in this crazy season of life, I do think it better sets us up to succeed. Happy New Year!


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