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Monday, May 20, 2019

I hope you had a fun weekend! The weather was insanely gorgeous here, and we enjoyed every minute of it. We got a ton of yard work done (and by we, I mostly mean Steve, because #pregnant), played outside nonstop, the girls splashed around in the pool, we hit up our local farm/playground, toured a pool, made a couple of Target runs (of course), and ate our fair share of ice cream. A weekend well spent, I'd say. :)

Last week marked the official halfway point in this pregnancy (though it's really more than halfway for us since I'll be delivering before 40 weeks) -- so crazy! So much has changed since my last pregnancy update at 13 weeks. Here's the latest on babe #3:

How many weeks: 21 weeks this week

How big is the baby: The size of a large carrot (about 10.5 inches long)

Total weight gain: 8 pounds

Maternity clothes: Yep! All stretchy waist bands and dresses, all the time.

How is sleeping going: It's actually going really well (knocking on all of the wood now that I acknowledged that). 

Symptoms: I've been so affected by allergies this season! I've never had allergies in my life, but it seems pregnancy has brought them out. Happily, I've been feeling a bit better the last few days.

Best moment this week: A healthy anatomy scan last Tuesday! Loved seeing our sweet girl moving around and hearing the positive news about her growth and development. Steve and I celebrated afterward with a gigantic bowl of banana pudding (the girls and I have been calling the baby puddin' pie ever since, which they just think is the funniest thing) in honor of baby girl being the size of a banana. Any excuse for dessert. ;)

Cravings: Tootsie rolls, cereal and milk, all of the cheese.

Aversions: Meat has been a little iffy. 

Gender: A sweet baby GIRL

What I miss: As many cups of coffee as I want, ha! 

What I'm looking forward to: I've been feeling strong and frequent kicks and movement lately, which I love, so I'm looking forward to more of that. We've also collected quite a few goodies for her nursery, so I'm looking forward to painting the walls and starting to get things set up in there.

Banana pudding to celebrate baby girl's 20 week size!

Love that sweet little face so much already.


  1. Meat, especially chicken was iffy for me too. I can't believe you are over half way done now!

    1. Ugh, yes! Even eggs. I don't know... I'm just not a big fan. It's FLYING by!

  2. Congrats on the clean bill of health for you and puddin'! (S'cute btw!)

    1. Thank you so much, Kelly! :) I'm kind of digging her new nickname, I must say.

  3. Aww, congrats lady!! You look so great!


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