Hadley Kate | Two Years Old

Thursday, July 5, 2018

My baby love is two. The cliche is true: it feels like she's been here forever and no time at all, all at once. What was life like before our Hadley Kate came into the world? I can't remember (partly thanks to how seamlessly she fits in, and partly thanks to the fact that my brain cells have been reduced to about 4 -- while my grey hairs have increased ten fold ;)), and I wouldn't want to.

 Hadley at 2 weeks old

From the moment she was born and I held her soft little body against mine for the first time, I knew she was so special. In the hospital she'd lay asleep against me for hours and hours, all cuddled up. It's kind of crazy how you can look at the face of a sleeping newborn and just sense the kind of bond you'll have. Hadley is snuggly and a total firecracker at the same time. She can be such an imp, but she'll look at us knowingly with those sparkly olive eyes framed by those long dark lashes and we can't help but smile. She is such a love, and gives us lots of hugs and kisses. She'll also take off running at the drop of a hat (something her big sister never did), or hide somewhere silently and give us a heart attack, or climb up onto a table. She keeps us on our toes!

Hadley at 1 year exactly

Haddie wants to do everything Carrie does, understandably. For that reason, she's progressed so much faster physically than C did or than I was really prepared for. She's a full-on monkey, running, jumping, climbing, and galloping (her favorite way to get around). She kicks a soccer ball around like a little pro, dances like nobody is watching, and does somersaults. She wants to be just like her big sister, who she calls "sissy" (I'm not even sure she knows her real name!), and follows C's lead. But she's also not afraid to stand her ground if C does something she doesn't like: "No sissy! Go!" ;)

Hadley at 15 months

Speaking of their sisterhood: it is like nothing I've ever seen. It has surely been my favorite part of having two kids. Seeing their bond -- one only they share -- and how they love and protect one another brings all of the joy to my heart. Don't get me wrong, they still bicker and take toys from each other, and make each other cry every now and then. But for the most part, they are each other's best friend, and I hope (and don't really doubt) that it always stays that way.


Hadley is a bit of a picky eater at this age, but the girl loves her some cheese (that's my girl!). She'll scarf down a quesadilla any day and loves hummus, most fruit, and does pretty well with chicken, hot dogs, sausage. She tries everything, which is all I ask! 

Hadley at 18 months

She's also been going on the potty for at least the last two months, much to all of our surprise. She's sort of been self-led in potty training and I'm not sure I'm ready! These days she's going on the potty most of the day and I'm thinking I might want to get serious about the training. She hates when she does go in her diaper. It's crazy how much quicker things go the second time around!

Hadley at 21 months

Hadley loves Minnie and cuddling up with her sissy to watch a show or movie. She also loves her baby dolls and pretending to feed and take care of them. She enjoys playing kinetic sand and dollhouse with her sister, loves being read to, playing outside, and "swimming" (wading around in the baby pool). She's taken a mommy & me ballet class, which she enjoyed, and is starting swimming lessons this summer. 

With her best friend on Memorial Day 2018

My curly Q, baby love, bugger, Haddie Cakes, lovebug... you are adored by your entire family. You bring so much light, amusement, and adventure to our lives. I am so grateful for your sweet and sensitive self, for your head full of dark curls and your adorable dimples, for your fearlessness. If you have filled two years with such joy, I can't imagine -- and can't wait for -- what the years ahead have in store. Happy 2nd Birthday!

Love you always,

Almost two! (Fourth of July 2018)

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