Saturday, November 14, 2020

 Hello, and happy weekend!

First, I just want to express my gratitude to you for being here for me, and with me, over the last couple of years: thank you from the bottom of my heart for spending a few minutes of your day with The Lucky Lifestyle. To me, there is nothing more valuable than time, so the fact that you've chosen to spend some of yours reading my words -- whether they were about something deeply personal and meaningful or something more light, like shopping or food -- is truly an honor. I'm honest-to-God still surprised when someone (other than my mom) says they've read a post or read regularly, LOL! So... thank you.

This pandemic has taken a lot, but one thing it's given me is an opportunity to really evaluate what's most important to me. I've spent a lot of time thinking while supervising first grade Zoom calls, feeding three little mouths twelve million snacks a day, and working late nights... and very little time doing. That's frustrated me at times, but it's also been a gift. Sometimes I think we get so caught up in the "doing" that society demands of us that we're not really sure why we're doing it anymore.

I want to be clear that the why of this blog has not changed since the day I started it. I dreamed up a space in 2017 where I could connect with other women, and they could connect with each other. Over the years The Lucky Lifestyle has touched on everything from the ordinary details of every day life, to style, to motherhood, to miscarriage, and more. This space has also highlighted some truly incredible women through the Women Who Inspire series -- probably my favorite posts of all!

And now? Well, I've decided it's time for an intermission.

Why an intermission? Because I don't want to say this is goodbye. I enjoy this too much. I love writing, connecting, sharing, and realizing that we all have way more in common than we could have imagined. The Lucky Lifestyle will still be here, but I will not be posting new content regularly until the time feels right. I never want to post just because I felt obligated to -- that would compromise the authenticity that is so important to me. So you may see a new post pop up if something really moves me to write, or you may see this space grow into something else... something new. As I grow each year, so do my expectations for The Lucky Lifestyle and everything else I'm passionate about. I'm not sure what's next, but I'm taking this strange year and these strange times and listening as best I can to what it's telling me.

In the meantime, please please please shoot me a request at @jenpadrontucker on Instagram (you probably know by now that I keep the page private to protect my kiddos, but will go through and personally approve requests!). I mean it sincerely when I say I'd love to stay in touch.

Be well, sweet friends. See you soon. :)


  1. I do hope you come back, but in the mean time, I will be following you on IG!

    1. Thank you, Danielle! I appreciate your support along this journey! xo


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