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Friday, May 22, 2020

Hooray... it's Friday! It has been a week over here. How about for you? Luckily the weather has been nice where we are, and that puts all of us in pretty great moods. Next week looks even better with temps in the low 80s! Bring on all of the outside activities!

It's been a while since I got to share some Friday Favorites, so... here we go:

Cheers to 10 Years

Steve and I celebrated our ten year anniversary this weekend! It's both hard and easy to believe that warm, sunny May day we said I do was an entire decade ago. On one hand, ten years has gone by so fast, and on the other hand we look around at our three kids and it becomes easier to believe. ;) I am so grateful for the life we have built together and am so excited for all of the adventure, laughter, and love to come.

Kitchen Makeover... officially underway!

Maybe we've just been home too much, but we've decided to get to work on our long-envisioned kitchen facelift. We've been in our house for almost 4 years, and the kitchen has always been on our list of updates. We figured... what better time? We're home more than ever to get the work done, and we're constantly looking at it.

Here are some inspiration pictures. We got these new floors, we're going to paint the cabinets white (going back and forth between simply white, white dove, and chantilly lace if you have any suggestions or experience with those colors!) and get new hardware for them, new appliances, and a new light fixture (looking at this one, and also love this style -- so inexpensive!). We also got a new kitchen table and these chairs, so our expanding family can actually all sit at the table together now! The chairs are amazing, by the way. A great Serena & Lily dupe -- all 4 chairs were the price of 1 Serena & Lily chair. They're comfy and bonus with kids: they can be hosed down!

Isabelle is 8 months old

Our Isabelle Joy turned 8 months old this week! This is the cutest age. She is still this squishy, non-mobile little baby but she's also really beginning to come into her own little personality. She's giving us the best spontaneous belly laughs lately, is obsessed with food, and is basically just the sweetest little soul. I am just enjoying her and her relationship with her big sisters more than I could ever express.

Old Navy Basic Tees with a Twist

I've been living in nothing but comfortable, basic tees lately. I had to buy a few new ones since I didn't get any last year because... pregnant. Haha. My body always seems to change in different ways after each baby, so it was time for some new and better fitting tops. I grabbed these two at Old Navy and have been loving them:

Old Navy Twist Front Tee (I have this in long sleeve, too, and both are great)

Old Navy Open Back Tee (Got this in white!)

A Family Dinner Discussion Starter

Our two oldest kids are at a fun age for games now, and one of our favorites lately (that isn't really a game, but more of a discussion starter) is Table Topics for Kids. We like to pull them out at dinner, ask the questions on each card, and go around the table answering them. There are usually a lot of laughs, too!
Hope you have a nice Memorial Day Weekend! I'm sure it'll look different for most of us, but hopefully the weather allows for some BBQ, outdoor fun, and relaxation. 


  1. Happy Anniversary! I love Table Topics. I have the original and the dinner party versions and they are great to use for ice-breakers for my church small group.

    1. Thank you so much! They really are such a great thing to have on hand for so many different scenarios. I'll have to check out the dinner party version!

  2. Kitchen renovation ~ so exciting! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

    1. Yayyy, thank you my friend! <3 Can't wait for you to see it!

  3. I love the kitchen inspiration. I love the idea of those navy cabinets. So pretty. Yay for Isabel being 8 months. Time is flying by. Happy Anniversary!!!

    1. Thanks so much Danielle! It was a busy week, but lots to celebrate. :) I'm so excited that the kitchen makeover is officially underway -- it's been years in the making! Here we go!


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