The Girls at Ages 6, 3, and 5 Months

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Happy Wednesday, all! I hope your week is going well. We've been finally enjoying some blue skies and sunshine in New Jersey so that has me smiling. Thank you, by the way, for the love for yesterday's post about parenting. It's always really encouraging and rewarding for me when I share my heart and realize just how many of you need to hear the same messages I do. It makes me feel like we really are all in this together!

Life has just been flying by lately as if someone is pressing the fast forward button. The girls are growing and changing so quickly. I guess it's their ages -- six, three, and (almost!) five months are still so little and there are huge leaps in development happening right now for all three. I wanted to document what they're like at these ages for my memory's sake more than anything. :)

Carrington | 6 Years Old

Carrie at six years old is artistic, creative, inventive and curious. She is in a major arts and crafts stage, constantly drawing and creating. There are a million pieces of paper all over the house and glue smeared on most surfaces at any given time, and I can't keep scotch tape in stock here at the house. We call her a "maker" because she will think of something she wants to make, and she'll find the tools around the house to just do it. I admire that, because I feel like I am personally much more of a planner and often lose steam in the execution. She takes after her dad in that she not only plans, but she does -- and she does so with the infectious enthusiasm, optimism, and pride of a sweet six year old.

Carrie is reaching for her independence more lately. She gets dressed completely on her own and prefers to pick out her own outfit (on a daily basis she prefers comfort over fashion, but also absolutely loves putting on a fancy dress or decking herself out in jewels when the mood strikes). She loves to make her own food and help her sisters in any way she can. She is the classic oldest child in that she is a second little mommy, caring and protective as can be, and yet bossy as hell. She's always been my least snuggly kid, but I think being away at school all day has made her crave hugs and cuddles more and I am not complaining one bit. 

Carrie is a homebody and prefers to hang out at home when she's not at school. She loves playing with Hadley and going on adventures. They are always in the back yard pretending something together. Carrie tends to idolize adventurous characters over the typical "princess," which we love about her. She's also a collector. She has about ten different collections going at any one time: rocks, acorns, beads, you name it. Anything has the potential to be a treasure in Carrington's eyes.

This girl is smart and doesn't miss a beat. We can no longer talk about things in front of her that we don't want her to know about, because she will catch on immediately and start asking questions. And she asks the best and hardest questions. She stretches our minds and our hearts, that's for sure. Six years old has been my very favorite age so far and I just absolutely cannot wait to continue to watch this girl grow.

Hadley | 3 Years Old

Hadley at three is imaginative, funny, loving, and challenging. I say challenging with love, because the "terrible twos" for Hadley were not terrible at all -- I knew that three was going to be the age that gave us a run for our money. Hadley has always had an enormous amount of energy. Even in utero, we nicknamed her Hurricane Haddie. This girl is a tornado of love, sweetness, and emotion at three. 

Hadley loves playing pretend with her characters more than anything. She can create a pretend scenario out of anything -- you'll often catch her with a group of rocks that is "talking" to one another if her characters aren't within reach. Usually her pretend scenarios involve a family, and there's always an element of drama in her imaginary world. We say all the time that we wouldn't be surprised if Hadley becomes a movie director someday. She likes to direct what everyone does/says and will stand up to her big sister these days if she wants to play a game her own way. I love that she's embracing her own thoughts and ideas.

Hadley started school in September and I just had her teacher conference a couple of weeks ago -- her teacher described her as a friend to everyone, which I loved. Haddie has always been social and quite extraverted (especially compared to Carrie), saying hello to random people when we're out in public, greeting every neighbor, and making friends wherever we go. She is quick to start playing with other kids wherever we are. 

Despite her outgoing and energetic personality, Hadley is quite sensitive and craves affection. She loves hugs (and she gives the best ones!) and is quick to get her feelings hurt if she feels someone is upset with her. She's also quick to forgive, though. Hadley is such a fun, bright light in our lives and I can't believe just how big she seems at three. 

Isabelle | 5 Months

Oh, sweet Isabelle. This baby continues to be the most laid back, smiliest, easiest baby and we thank our lucky stars every day for the joy she brings to our family. She's adored and fawned over by her big sisters. Truly, there has never been an ounce of jealousy or resentment toward Isabelle and I think that's partly because she just shows so much love to each of us that nobody could ever resent her -- in fact, it couldn't be clearer just how grateful we all are to have her as part of our crew.

Isabelle loves to sleep (all of the praise hands!), be held and snuggled, and be talked to. If you take the time to smile and talk to her, she will reward you with her signature open mouth smiles that light up her face, and she'll probably stick her tongue out at you. She seems really social so far, so it'll be interesting to see if that remains part of her personality.

Right now, Isabelle is loving crinkly toys, lights and songs, chewing on her hands, and being involved in whatever we're doing. She doesn't prefer to be left alone (who can blame her?), and she's happy to just sit and observe as long as she's with her people. She's definitely starting to teeth and her neck/core strength seems to be improving a lot (that 97th% head won't hold her down) -- we're all excited for when she begins sitting on her own! She's still suffering from pretty bad eczema (and scratches it, as you can see by her picture!) so we're on the search for what will help that.

Next month will be a big one because we'll be introducing solid food to our sweet Belle. Every month brings a million changes and developments when they're this young, so it's fun to think about how much she'll grow in just a short time. Although since she's my last baby, I'd be happy for her to slow it down juuust a little. ;)

My wildest dreams have come true with these three daughters of mine, and no matter what comes our way, I feel like I've won the lottery every day. Truly. I am so grateful and excited for our future with these girls.


  1. What sweet tributes, they sound like a welcome handful! This will be such a treat for them to read a few years down the road.


    1. Aw, thanks Kelly! Hopefully it's a little window into who they are in all their tiny glory that they can look back on later. :) xoxo

  2. How sweet. I love seeing what the girls are up to since my girls are so close to Carrington's age. My girls have the same nightgown that Hadley is wearing in the picture.

    1. It's always fun to see the similarities between kids at close ages -- usually they're into the same types of things! We love our Frozen gear. ;) Happy weekend!


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