Weekend Favorites

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Happy Saturday! With the start of school, I find myself more anxious than ever for the weekends to roll around. My girls savor this time to reconnect, relax, and play to their heart's content... and I love it! Speaking of school, Hadley already caught some cold germs from preschool (two days in) and guess who definitely isn't in the running for mom of the year award after forgetting to pack Carrie's (fully made, I might add!) lunch? That's right... this girl! I may or may not have called Steve sobbing. Not even sure I can blame that one on pregnancy hormones. ;) 

BUT, besides those hiccups, school has been going great for my little girlfriends, and for that I am so thankful. 

Moving right along to this Friday's favorite things:

One. Have you ever been obsessed with a soap? No? I had never been either, but then I discovered Mrs. Meyer's Apple Cider hand soap and I now go out of my way to find a reason to wash my hands (which isn't hard, haha). I find mine at Target! The Acorn Spice scent is also yummy, but Apple Cider is just plain amazing. You won't be disappointed.

Two. I was literally laughing out loud reading this honest piece about the stages of newborn-hood. If you've been through it, give it a read! I promise you won't regret it! 

Three. Comfort food. Does anyone else just get in the mood for warm, cozy food this time of year? (Send any crockpot recipes my way, please -- those will be winners with this extra crazy season of life upon us!). Two of our favorite easy dishes are this baked ziti and simple baked potatoes with melted cheese, crumbled bacon, and broccoli. 

Four. I'm new to packing lunches every day, but we've been really liking these bento boxes. Does anyone else's kids' lunch come home looking like raccoons broke into it, though? I also spotted these healthier alternatives to Lunchables (nothin' wrong with Lunchables, but for the same price I figured I'd try these!) at Target. 

Five. The Target clearance section is legit lately. I picked up this simple market stand set up for EIGHT BUCKS. I figured we can set it up on Christmas Eve with a big bow and some play food tossed in the bins. My girls love anything make-believe!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. That Mrs. Meyers scent is THE BEST! I hoard the soap, multi purpose spray, and dish soap!!

    1. YES! It's AMAZING -- like who knew a soap could make one so happy? Haha.


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